What does it take to make money online?

Well number one, you need some knowledge, you need to learn marketing skills.

No different than you job, with out that knowledge you wont know how to do your job..

Make sense..??

Second, you need automation tools such as..

Landing page builder
Authority website builder
Email autoresponder
HD video hosting/sharing- Ad free
Live video conference room

These are the must have tools, so when you put them together with the proper knowledge…BOOM!!

That’s how you make money online..

See you can not be afraid of these things..

I remember my humble beginnings where I had no clue what any of the marketing tools would do or how to use them..

But that was years ago before “how to videos”..

If you can watch a video, than anyone can do it now..

Everything is easier now for people with little or no experience..

So do not be afraid, you will put it all together..

You just need to learn a little, and start using those automation tools..

Have a wonderful day my friend!
Much love
Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

P.S. We never made any money online, tell we did what we talked about in this post.

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