October 26, 2014 1:53 am

Richard Weberg

As most of you know, I am always testing website traffic and setting goals..This month I have been buying lots of solo ads, and actually I made it a goal to buy one solo ad a day and add $15,000 dollars to my monthly income..

Obviously the more traffic you have going to your squeeze pages, the more opt-ins you will get, and the more sales you will have or commissions earned..And buying traffic is your fastest way to big results. I build a plan around my goals, and then I stick to the plan.

There are other free traffic strategies that will give you more long term results, but it will take time to see your effort turn into money..I use both free and paid traffic, and have several traffic strategies working for me all at once.

This then brings in traffic to my opt-in pages 24/7 365 days a year..

Remember these stats, 90% of all internet marketers fail to make any money online, they may make 20 bucks here or there, but they fail to produce anything realistic. Only 10% succeed to make real money, and about 5% make somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 yearly, and the other 5% make a 100,000 plus into millions of dollars a year.

You may be asking why is the success rate so low??

Well, because most people do not buy much traffic, and they do not set goals or have any kind of written plan, a road map tononeed where they want to go..So they wander aimlessly around every month with no direction of how to get from point a to point b.

Moving from a complete zero to $10k per year is definitely the most difficult milestone to reach. This is where understanding and getting the process down is taking place, developing a plan and sticking with it. (Most people never make it to 10k yearly, because they refuse to follow a proven path, and they do only what they feel they should, they side step the most important parts like buying traffic and building their list, so they never make it.)

Going From $10k Per Year To $50k Per Year will be a whole lot easier, because now you know what you are doing, you will be in the stage of fine tuning your process..You understand how well paid traffic can move you from point a to point b..

Going From $50k Per Year To $100k Per Year

This is probably the easiest stage to complete, as you’ll already have a proven sales process in place which is converting really well – meaning growing your business from this stage is simply a matter of scaling things up and magnitude.

At this point you will take $500 and turn it into $5000.00 like clockwork, and by this point you will have realized and understand that you must have magnitude, selling higher-priced offers will be the key to surpassing $100k per year before you know it, as just 50 people paying you $2,000 is $100,000 – WITHOUT including anything else from the front-end of your sales funnel.

As you build your business from 0 to 100k+ you will make many realizations along the way, and if you refuse to except them, you will never move beyond your own expectations. You will get stuck at the current level you are at…This is why so many never get to 10k because they refuse to do the necessary things they know they need to do..And eventually they quit..

Offline businesses actually have a higher success rate then online.


Number 1, they are more committed to doing “what ever it takes” in order to succeed..The reason for this is usually they have taken out a massive loan over $100,000 or more to get started, or have put up their house as collateral for the loan. So they do what ever it takes to succeed, because if they do not, they lose EVERYTHING including their home!

Number 2, they usually have a well written marketing plan they are following, they had to write it in order tochecklist get the loan to start their business. You can not get a business loan, with out writing a business plan..Make sense?

Number 3, All their hopes, dreams, and goals in life are tied into their businesses success, so they never give up, they have to much invested to quit!!

Hence lies the failure rate online…How does this happen you ask?

1. People hear about or see a ad while they are surfing online that says “Make $200 a day online, no experience needed, join for free now”

2. Then they assume they will make this money immediately, and for free, because the word free is in almost all ads online.

3. So they upgrade or buy the product for $47 monthly reluctantly..(Even though most people don’t blink an eye, spending 47$ on lottery tickets, or going out to eat) See most people have no problem spending money, but investing it is a different story, they do not understand an investment is something that will pay back eventually. An expense is something that doesn’t, but hell who can resist Mcdonalds hamburgers..But $35.00 to buy a solo ad, what are you nuts!!!

4. Then after a month or so after skimming through the training, and skipping things like getting an autoresponder or buying traffic, they ask where all their money is..How come I am not making any money?

Well the ad said, no experience needed and join for free..But what that ad really said was, come in side we will teach you how, and you can come in for right now for free, so you can see our marketing plan, and see how to use it..

It is peoples perception that leads them to failure, they perceive things that are not true. They see the word free, and think that means everything is free, and no experience means, no learning required…Really how silly is that?

5.Because a internet business takes so little money to get started, people have no commitment to what they are doing and literally have nothing to lose, so they quit with the slightest distraction or roadblock hits them..Even if you have already put $1000 into your online business..This is still not a big enough commitment, I mean come’on people spend more then that on their big screen tvs, and if it broke today they wouldn’t think twice about going out and buying another one on their credit card so they wouldnt miss their favorite tv show tonight!!

It is your perception that leads you where you go, how you think about things, what you want most, and unfortunately we live in a now society, and people expect everything to happen yesterday, they do not understand working towards something, and investing money to get there. This is the exact reason, people who have offline business experience and or have gone to college for four years, have a higher rate of success online. Because they know what investing in ones future can do.

Well, you may have a lot to think about after reading this, but I hope it helps you go from point a to point b..And gives you a better understanding on how you become successful online.

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