How To Upload And Host Images On Your WordPress Blog

I have had questions from many of my subscribers and members of my marketing sites regarding different functions of WordPress based blogs. Today I had a couple people asking me how to upload and host images on their WordPress blogs.

So I decided I will start with this question, and will continue to do other videos explaining the other WordPress functions, such as plugins and widgets. I am actually going to do a bunch of other how to videos as well.

There are many aspects in marketing, that would be a whole lot easier to do, by having a video tutorial for it, that you could refer to. We will start with something simple and move on to more complex things.

How To Upload And Host Images On Your WordPress Blog

If you have any specific request please put them in the comments, I will definitely try to accommodate you.

Richard Weberg

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5 thoughts on “How To Upload And Host Images On Your WordPress Blog

  1. Thank you Richard. This answered the question we talked about the other day. Very simple stuff, but sometimes I make it complicated or let it stump me. You always manage to simplify it. That’s why your system works!

    • I am very glad I could help Gloria, I am starting to make more how to videos to help people understand wordpress better and about all the cool plug ins that are available. Thanks for your feedback my friend!

      Richard Weberg

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