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I have three free gifts for all my loyal readers today!!

April 1st, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Today I would like to reach out to all my loyal readers and followers and give you three free gifts that will help you market better online and get you more targeted traffic, sales and sign ups.

1. You Tube Traffic Tactics
Grab this quick start guide to harnessing the power of YouTube to drive targeted traffic to your Websites.
Just click the image to download.


2. Top Twitter Tactics

Discover How To Use Twitter Effectively And Get A Boost In Sales!
How To Tweet Your Way To Internet Marketing Success.
Just click the image to go to the download page.

Top Twitter Tactics

3. Facebook Fortune

Discover How To Use Facebook Effectively And Get Success In Your Facebook Marketing Efforts!
How To Use Facebook To Whip Your Marketing Into Overdrive.
Just click the image to go to the download page.

Facebook Fortune

Well I hope these give you some great ideas and directions to improve your marketing and make more sales online, using twitter, youtube and facebook!

Richard Weberg
skype: richard.weberg I am in the United states
Your Eight Steps

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Why every internet marketer should join Four Corners Alliance Group

March 25th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

four corners alliance group

Four Corners Alliance Group is not a new program, it has been around online now for about 2 years, it was launched in March of 2013. For David Harrison C.E.O, this was a dream come true, he was now finally able to utilize his years of experience in business management, software design, programming and a passion for personal financial development.

He felt that it was now time to forage ahead on his own and create a company whose goals focused on teaching people how to build long term financial security for themselves. Thus, Four Corners Alliance Group was born and launched.

The Four Corners Alliance Group products, consist of a set of 31 books, distributed through six purchase levels, with timely and engaging Financial topics with a broad spectrum of topics ranging from mindset and motivation to some serious financial education that will put the control back where it belongs, with you. They have placed a unique business emphasis on helping you reach your full potential and explode your income so you can take your lifestyle to thrilling new plateaus.

Four Corners Alliance group has dedicated themselves to making sure the products you get, are worth their weight in gold, and gives you the competitive edge over everything else in the market place. The Four Corners Alliance Group business model, represents integrity, and is completely, ethical, honest and legitimate business online.

So now, why should every internet marketer join Four Corners Alliance Group??

1. As you build a successful business online, you should always have a mix of products and services to offer to your email list and customers, to ensure you reach the majority of your customers interest and financial budgets. Otherwise if you do not, you will alienate many of your customers and subscribers and you will leave big chunks of money on the table.

Example, I know some marketers who only promote big ticket items to their email list and customers, now not everyone can afford to put $500 or $1000 into their business immediately online, so hence every person or customer is not being reached because you have no offer to promote to people with smaller budgets.

2. Four Corners Alliance Group, has a one-time $18 product purchase to get started and all future product level purchases come out of commissions earned. So now your marketing is applicable to practically everyone in the world, even people with the smallest budgets can get started, very simply and actually scale their own income up from their commissions earned.

**A self funding compensation plan, that leverages a one-time $18 product purchase into multiple larger commission levels! This is attracting the masses, this is the most actual ingenious compensation plan I have seen in my 12 years marketing online!!

This image below only represents the first payment level, there are 7!


3. Because of the way the compensation in Four Corners Alliance Group is set up, you have automatic, and complete scalability built in…You make multiple commissions from every person you bring in underneath of you, and make several commissions again automatically with out any further effort, no selling them, no convincing them, and no further out of pocket expense…I will put a video in this blog post further down, that you must absolutely watch to understand the sheer magnitude of how brilliant this really is, if you have half a brain, after watching the compensation plan video you will join!

4. Absolutely NO-ATTRITION….Remember Four Corners Alliance Group, is a one-time $18 product purchase..They cant quit, and future product purchases come out of commissions earned automatically.

5. Completely, legal, proven, ethical, product driven sales online business. Excellent products and services anyone can use to improve their financial well being.

6. Excellent customer support, they have responded to every question I or my organization of thousands of distributors have asked of them. Four Corners Alliance Group has exceeded my expectations in every aspect, it has been the most glitch free experience of my online career!!!

Here is The Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan Video I promised You.

Four Corners Alliance Group is an amazing opportunity, that appeals to the masses and is exploding with growth. I would love to have you join my team, and teach you how to build your email marketing list and set up a proper marketing strategy to explode your income.

Go here to join my Four Corners Alliance Group Team Now and never market a lone again:

My skype: richard.weberg I am in the United States

Richard Weberg
Four Corners Alliance Group

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How to get paid from multiple programs, and only do 1 task.

March 16th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

How to get paid from multiple programs, and only do 1 task.

Can you say marketing funnel..?? You Got to have it!

This is what you need in your online marketing, and you must build
your email list, so that all your focus is spent on one task,
sending traffic to your squeeze pages, your autoresponder then goes to work
and puts people into your funnel.

If you do this right you will build multiple sources of income,
and your only focus is building traffic to your squeeze pages,
and your autoresponder does the rest of your work for you,
sending people to your very own marketing funnel..

This is exactly what we teach you how to do in Youreightsteps,
In fact you do not need to know how to create the funnel, YourEightSteps is fully re-brand able,
so that every link inside is yours!

Your Eight Steps

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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Dogs don’t like Bones…

March 13th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Dogs don’t like bones… did you know? hhhmmm think about it..


If we SWAPPED places with the dog who do you think would get the bones…


Sometimes in life we can settle for bones to

Get the MEAT OF LIFE and not the Bones

Click here now to get the meat!


Richard Weberg

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Your Eight Steps is truly a marketing machine!

March 10th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Why Your Eight Steps is truly a marketing machine, and I
will explain how it will help you..First, I will also explain
why Your Eight Steps was created and how it became what it is now

I came online in hopes to make money in 2003 because our local
economy was literally in the toilet! My first two years I
started marketing online, I didn’t have a pot to piss in, I was
actually bankrupt, I lost my retail businesses, my house, my
cars, everything (even my wife, well ex-wife now, she couldn’t
take the poverty). I spent…thousands of dollars trying to
understand and learn internet marketing, I just couldn’t grasp
list building, so I never did it. I had no tech skills, had no
clue how to build my own pages or sites, so my learning curve
was long and my earnings were nothing. But I vowed I would never
quit until I figured it all out…


This is why Your Eight Steps was created.

I created the original Your Eight Steps pages to help people and
to shorten the learning curve, to do for you many of the time
consuming task such as learning how to create your own squeeze
and landing pages, to teach people how to use a autoresponder
and begin building an email list from the very first day someone
starts marketing (these are the things I struggled with and knew
others probably did as well).. When I first started marketing
online, I had to search out all this stuff and spend hours upon
hours trying to learn html, which was like trying to learn a
foreign language, back then there was not any done for you
marketing platforms available, you had to search the internet
for what you wanted to learn, and then spend hours on trial and
error trying to figure it out. There was only bits and pieces
here and there, blogging was just becoming mainstream, Youtube,
Facebook, Skype, sites like this didn’t exist yet. Your Eight
Steps was born out of my misery and years of trial error, I
wanted to some how shorten the learning curve for people. The
failure rate online is very high, so every success I had, I
wrote it down, I kept track of what was working and what didn’t,
I wanted to pass on my knowledge I was learning, and give people
an organized place where they could go to with step by step
instructions to learn how to market successfully online, and
share the common tools and teach them how to use them.


So the first version of Your Eight Steps was just a series of 8
pages I created, that taught people how to set up their own
domain name and host their own website. Then through the eight
steps it taught people the whole process of building their email
list through an autoresponder and how to drive traffic and
follow up with their list. These 8 pages were successful, the
feed back I got from people following these original eight
steps, was amazing!! But I wanted to take it one step further
and make everything in those 8 pages into a membership site, so
that people could also refer people and make additional
commissions. Plus I wanted a series of downline builders so
every program inside the membership site would be re-brandable,
meaning members could build multiple programs at once themselves
with no additional effort by simply referring people…I wanted
to teach people the entire process without the need to going
searching all over the internet and waste time.

But once again, my tech knowledge was limited, and my website
building skills were childish at best, I knew enough to build
only simple pages. This was also about the time I had an
accident at work, I use to be a warehouse manager for a company
called Slumberland Furniture. In October of 2008 while lifting
some furniture I herniated two disc in my back, and ended up
having back surgery. This back surgery was a failed attempt to
alleviate the pain and numbness I was experiencing, it also left
my back unstable and one of my legs permanently numb.. I went
through physically therapy for almost 2 years, got depressed and
dealt with a number of other issues as a result of this
accident. So for a long while I was unable to even attempt to
get back on track, let a lone launch a membership site, and
continue marketing. During this time I spent most of my time
battling to learn how to just deal with the pain I was in and
get un depressed some how.. I could only handle spending 5
minutes here and there online, so sent emails when I felt like
it or paid people to blog for me and other minor things.

Fast forward to 2011, I met Jose Climent, a
computer programmer/website designer from Spain, he was on my
email list, we got in contact with each other, got to talking
and after several months we decided to partner up and create the
original YourEightSteps pages into a membership site. We bought
the domain Your Eight Steps, and finally by around February 2012
Your Eight Steps membership site was officially live. Now Your
Eight Steps did not take off with a bang, Jose got sick he ended
up in the hospital, he also has very sick daughter, so updates
to the site were not getting completed, and I was still learning
how to live being in pain, and deal with my depression…So
struggle, struggle..I couldn’t update the site or make the
changes needed, had no idea how, it was a php script, knew
nothing of the sort…So I kept marketing it to keep it going,
and Jose finally made some changes by the end of 2012, but by
this time a divide between us had taken place, and we decided to
part ways..


Now I do not know if you believe in destiny or the law of
attraction, that when you want something bad enough to happen,
nature will naturally bring the things or people together needed
for it to take place. Well, I do, and just about the time I was
stressing about the end of Your Eight Steps, because when I seen
the end coming closer because I realized Jose wasn’t on board
anymore, I thought this might be it, and even before
YourEightSteps could be realized to its full extent it was going
to die..I decided I was just going to continue on, as though it
would be successful even though I didn’t possess the necessary
tech skills to keep Your eight Steps going. I remembered my
favorite book by Napolean Hill “Think and grow rich” in this
book he talks a great deal about the laws of attraction, and
when you want something bad enough to act as though you are
already in possession of what you desire, and the laws of nature
will bring it to you. So I just kept going even though by this
time, Jose was no longer responding to my emails or skype

Was this really going to be the end of Your Eight

No.. Only the beginning!

Through a support ticket on a product I was trying to sell to my
list, I met a wonderful, very intelligent young woman, named
Brenda de Reus. Through us communicating, we eventually decided
to become partners, Brenda knew the technical side and I had the
original vision for YourEightSteps, to me the law of attraction
brought us together, so that Your Eight Steps could be reborn
into a magnificent marketing machine, that would go on to help
many people learn how to successfully market online. Now through
both of our efforts and ideas, Your Eight Steps has evolved into
what it is today, I COULD NOT have done it without her, and I
could not have done it with anyone else, our partnership was
meant to be, I may have had the original idea, but that is
worthless with out her. I just kept Your eight Steps going long
enough so we could eventually find each other, and make it all
happen together. Our skill sets compliment each other and to me
it is the perfect partnership..

We built Your Eight Steps with total integrity and trust, and we
strive to help people, we have helped many people make money for
the first time ever online. And we continue to make Your Eight
Steps better and better for our members. We recently added an
Elite membership option, that actually has helped some of our
members make more money then we do from YourEightSteps. We truly
believe in people, and know that anyone can have success online,
if they have the right marketing knowledge and process set up,
and that’s exactly what we provide and teach people how to do.

So how can Your Eight Steps help you?

Lead Capture Pages - fully hosted on our site, coded with your
affiliate links.

Splash Pages, banners, affiliate tools – fully hosted on our site,
coded with your affiliate links.

Complete downline builder -
builds you downlines in the top
traffic resources online, every link in your members area is

Plug ‘n play list building -
simple copy and paste autoresponder
set up, start effortlessly building more leads today.

Free Bonuses, ebooks and downloads, including a complete
Kompozer video course.


Full Support -
We personally handle all your referrals
questions. We fully interact with them through email, skype and
facebook. We train them, so you do not have to! Plus complete
walk you step by step how to video tutorials.

We promote for you -
Complete downline integrity, We Never Send Our
Own Links To Your Downline!! No outside advertising within the
members area, every program is re-brandable through the downline

An optional Pro and Elite Membership option with exclusive
discounts for instant savings in several top-rated traffic
exchanges and safelists, complete with hundreds of dollars in
free website traffic.

Plus Earn up to 90% commissions!

Your Eight Steps is the most complete marketing system you will
find online, I challenge anyone to join and log in and actually
go through everything in the members area , watch the videos go
through each step, do this before you ever upgrade, and you will
see for yourself, we put the utmost thought and dedication into
helping people succeed online. In Your Eight Steps we give you
the entire process you need to make money online, we leave
absolutely nothing out, if you learn this process you can sell
anything you want online!!

YourEightSteps has never missed a single commission payout, they
have all been on-time or early. We strive to be the best, so
that people can be proud of their involvement!


You can check out our Facebook page and see what others truly say about us.


Richard Weberg


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T.E.A.M…Together Everyone Accomplishes More

March 6th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Working as a team online can benefit you in several ways, especially in programs that are structured in such a way, that it benefits a person to build in depth under the people they sponsor. This way the top recruiters are always ready and willing to help their downline succeed, because they only make any real money when they have successfully helped their downline make money.

Another advantage of building a team, is you have the ability to put everyone together and share marketing ideas, in this manner it motivates more people to stay active especially when other team members can share in new milestones hit, and new successes had.

And as a lot of you know who read my blog regularly and are subscribed to my various newsletters, we are currently Team building Four Corners Alliance, it is one of those perfect opportunities to team build. And now we have decided to add another program to our team building activity called 5 dollar funnel. What both of these programs have in common, is a low entry point, and self funding into the higher commission levels, meaning no other out of pocket expense..

And both fit the parameters to be able to successfully team build them, because they are structured the correct way, in so that, the top leaders is to their advantage to help you be successful. Hence why we have started team building five dollar funnel as well. Now that doesn’t mean we have let off the gas promoting 4 corners alliance group either.

Still the best way to promote any program online is to set up a campaign in your autoresponder and build a list for it.

We are going full steam a head…It was really a no-brainer to add five dollar funnel to our team building activities the cost of these two programs is so low, they appeal to the masses. 5 dollar funnel is 5 bucks, and four corners alliance group is $18, both are a onetime payment and future commissions pay for the next product level, so no more money out of pocket for these two opportunities, except for how ever you choose to advertise them. And everyone of you reading this should be building your list period, no questions asked, that is if you want to make money online…

If you haven’t joined us yet, you can do so now:

Four Corners Alliance Group

Five Dollar Funnel

In order to benefit from our marketing you will want to get fully paid up in both.

We have also added both of them to the recommended downline builder in YourEightSteps.

Contact me:
skype: richard.weberg I am in the USA

Non Stop To The Top, No One Gets Left Behind!!

Richard Weberg

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What is stopping you from having success online?

March 5th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Do you want to travel, do you want to be financially free?

Do you want to live a debt free life style and have all the money you desire?

So let me ask you…

What are you actually doing everyday to bring you closer to your goals?

Are you building your list..

Are you building traffic every single day to your opt-in pages..

Are you following up with the people on your list everyday..

Are you investing in the proper tools to make this all possible..

WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ASK YOURSELF THIS..What are you actually doing?

Having Success online comes down to, following the right process, and using that process every single day in your marketing.

You can not wish things will happen, you have to make them happen.

But all your effort will be in vain, if you do not use the right process, there is the right way to produce money online, and a wrong way..

If your not building your email list, forget it all together, it will never EVER happen, and yes you read that right.

No matter how long it takes or how much time and effort you have to put forth, almost all your daily task involving making money online, should be focused on building your email list faster and faster.

The bigger your list and the better your follow through the more money you will make…Period!!

Do not get confused by information overload, focus on the most important task, build your list and email follow up, and the money will come.

My first two years online I made -0 money, I went in the hole, because I didn’t listen when I read advice that said build your list, instead I thought I could do it my own way, I could do it better, faster easier, because I was smarter then people who came before me..Oh..And not mention I was afraid to build my list, because of my lacking of computer skills. So I hid behind that.


Sure I bought all the shiny programs and products, but guess what…Without building your email list and doing the right process, all those shiny programs and products are useless, they are worth nothing, because you still have no one to market to!!

This is the single most important thing I try to get across to anyone I come in contact with that wants to make money online..


I do not know a single solitary person who has succeeded online without building their email list, and I have been doing this over 10 years now, and I have been to many live events as well as speak to thousands of people online every year. Every successful person I have met and know, builds their email list.

Want to finally get on track and learn the real secrets to success online? Want a big’ol fat bank account, and travel to exotic locations every year?

Then build your email list.

And if you are totally lost and do not know where even to begin, then let us help guide, point and direct you.

Join us here at: YourEightSteps

And we will begin your journey together, our motto is, no one left behind!

Skype: richard.weberg

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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7 Super Solo Networks Reaching OVER 257,000 People..

March 5th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Hello Friends, I just wanted to take the time today to share and pass on a text and banner ad exchange I have been using and testing.

Its called Simpletextadz, now what I like is the network solo ads they have to offer. I buy their network solo ads, they are very inexpensive and have been producing me some decent results. These are the ads I buy, because they are sent to many text ad networks membership bases. Simpletextadz it self only has like 900 members, but its connected with many other text ad sites with a membership in access of 257,000 People.

The more people you have viewing your ads the better, and Simple Text Adz is a great way to send email to thousands of people.

The click thru rate has been very good, and am getting a nice amounts of opt-ins with every send.

So just another traffic resource to add to your arsenal of marketing weapons..

You can join it here: Simple Text Adz

Have a great day and happy marketing!!

Together we all achieve more!

my skype: richard.weberg Im in the US.

What we are building, if you have not joined us yet.


GVO-Team Builder

Four Corners Alliance Team

Got Back Up

Non Stop To The Top, No One Gets Left Behind!!

Richard Weberg

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I am back from the Paradisus Resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico…

March 3rd, 2015 by Richard Weberg

Wow, what a blast…

This was truly unbelievable!! The Paradisus resort we
stayed at in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was breathe taking, the ocean views were to die for..
We snorkeled, played on the beaches and swam with the dolphins and ate at 5 star restaurants every night!
And we were waited on for everything we needed..

This is an experience everyone should be able to do, for most people this would
be a once in a life time opportunity. You see a whole different side of life,
when money is no longer an object and it is taken out of your concerns because
you have plenty of it.


I posted some pics on my Facebook page if you want to take a
look..This is what you can do when time and money are no longer
a concern, and is truly what the dot com lifestyle is all about,
being able to live your dreams and do things with your family
and friends you only wished you could do.

All the work, sacrifice, investing in your self and your
business, never giving up, being relentless in your pursuit of
your dreams, and always striving to do more no matter what
anyone else says or does, is how you achieve your dreams.

Do the right process online over and over again, and nothing
will stop you!!

Do you want to travel, do you want to be financially free?

Well let me help you then and jump on our team, because we are
killing it!!!

Together we all achieve more!

my skype: richard.weberg Im in the US.

What we are building, if you have not joined us yet.


GVO-Team Builder

Four Corners Alliance Team

Got Back Up

Until Next Time, Your Friend And Partner


Richard Weberg


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Wow, Our Four Corners Team….Is Absolutely Exploding!!

February 18th, 2015 by Richard Weberg

That’s how you make money online, put great people together with
a great opportunity and it explodes!

I am truly thank full for all the wonderful people I have met
through building my business and my list. This truly has been an
exciting ride the past 12 years..And I look forward to meeting
in person many more of you.

I am just posting a heads up to everyone, I am leaving on Feb
22nd for Playa del Carmen, Mexico…And will be gone for 7 days,
so will not be online much during that time…And I can not wait
to be in the sun and on the beach, winters here in northern,
Minnesota get very cold and long…

In the mean time before I leave I will be working hard, and
buying traffic, lots of it, to send to the Gvo-teambuilder and
the 4 corners alliance rotator as well..I will make sure sign
ups continue coming in from my end why I am gone, relaxing on
the beach drinking beer…

And I am very proud of many of you, some of you have really
stepped up to the plate and attacked building your business head
on this year…And there several of you that are into the VERY
serious money now, which is fantastic to see… I look forward
to helping many more people achieve the dream…

Together we all achieve more!

my skype: richard.weberg Im in the US.

What we are building, if you have not joined us yet.


GVO-Team Builder

Four Corners Alliance Team

Got Back Up

Richard Weberg

We are going all the way to the top with this, no stopping…Get
on board or get left behind!

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