How to effectively Build your Email List and Create Real Profits Using Solo Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Safelist and Other Free Traffic Resources

Interested In Getting What You Truly Want Out Of Life??

September 30th, 2014 by weberg69

This is truly a very powerful video..Well the information in it is. This is the full version of the “Secret”

The true secret to finally making life give you exactly what you want..

I used the secret in my own life many times, and never realized it until, I read a book by Napolean Hill called “Think And Grow Rich”

Same concept, just was explained a little differently, Napolean Hill made you think for yourself to come up with the answer, this video gives you the secret and it explains it.

I really hope you take the time to watch this whole video, you will understand the things that have transpired in your own life a lot better, and will realize what you have to do to make life give you what you truly want!!

Richard Weberg
Its Your Turn!

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Is internet marketing to complicated?

September 25th, 2014 by weberg69

Internet marketing and making money online, is actually foolishly simple…

Once you realize there is a exact process, and as long as you keep implementing the process and learn to master it..It always WORKS! You will make money..

The problem of why so many fail, is because they refuse to except the process. They try to reinvent the wheel..

What is the process?

1. Create website traffic using both free and paid methods.
2. Build your email list by sending the traffic to your squeeze pages (opt-in pages)
3. Communicate with your list, and sell them products and services

Simple isn’t it, then why do so many people Fail and complicate it?

The ones who fail do not want to invest in their business, so they do not spend money on a autoresponder to build their list, and they do not buy traffic. They believe the internet is like the lottery, spend 5$ on a couple tickets, and they will make you millions instantly…like in a couple weeks or months…When you treat it like the lottery..You have about the same chances of making any money, about 1 out of 1,657,879 million!

And here lies another big problem, most people get blinded by the business opportunity they are in, they think its the business opportunity itself that is going to make them money, and that is so untrue..Its the process that makes all the money, dosn’t matter the opportunity, I have sold numerous business opportunities since I have been marketing over the past ten years..You can make money with any business opportunity, sure some are way better then others, but if you do not follow the process I outlined above, you will fail, no matter what business opportunity you are in..

It is like a carpenter building a house saying, well hammer and nails are way to expensive, so I am only going to buy this cheap glue. Then instead of nailing the boards together I am just going to glue them together instead. I know that’s never worked before, but I am going to try it anyway…??????????

Do you see how dumb that is??

But this is exactly what the majority of people do when they come online and try their hand at internet marketing, there is only around 10% who listen, that do not try and recreate the wheel..This 10% make all the money..

So how do you become one of the 10%?

You do, and learn the process…, and you keep repeating that process, and eventually you will become a master of that process.

“Repetition is the mother of all skill”

Would you like to finally stop struggling, and learn the process?

The system listed below, will teach the right process for making money online, without it you are doomed to fail!

YourEightSteps Marketing System

Richard Weberg

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Scale Vs. Magnitude A lesson to be learned

September 18th, 2014 by weberg69

Making a million dollars online for most people is not even in
their realm of thinking, its like a never ever land, most are
just hoping to make a few thousand extra month. Reality is, most
Internet marketers make very little money, in fact 90% make less
then $500 a month. The ones who make more then that, and are
actually making a livable wage, several thousand a month or
more, are not afraid to spend money learning traffic strategies
and buying traffic. Because lets face it, the more quality
traffic you have coming in, the more money you will make online.



Most wanna be marketers are afraid to spend money on learning
and buying traffic, one of the main reasons people fail online,
they do not understand delayed gratification..Offline business
owners, and people who went to college for a few years, have a
greater chance of success online, because they have already
developed the right mindset before attempting internet
marketing, by paying for an education or a business upfront, and
then getting the rewards later.


This is delayed gratification, working towards, learning and
investing in your now for future rewards (income). All
successful people and business owners understand this concept.



A Doctor only becomes a Doctor and makes money after years of
schooling, and residency..


A Rock band only makes money, after many hours of first learning
their skill, then practice, playing together, and sharing their
music with others and auditioning for gigs…


A business owner only makes money after many hours of marketing
research, writing a business plan, and investing money getting
the business set up and on advertising…



The point is, any professional, or someone who has success in
what they do, spend hours learning, and investing time and money
into their profession, long before they make much money..And
every profession has tools of the trade that you have to invest
in to make money with.



Could you imagine a carpenter building a house with out any
tools? Or how would you like to hire a self proclaimed
carpenter, who has no prior experience building homes?


A lesson to be learned…And now for the rest of the story..



I still remember several years back, when I had made my first
ever $1,000 dollars in one month, I almost didn’t even believe
it, even my banker when I went to cash the check, told me this
sounds to good to be true..For me it was a wonderful moment
after two years of being frustrated trying to make money online,
and failing time and time again..



After the nervousness settled down, and I realized wow this is
real, and my work finally paid off, I was excited to continue on
and try and make even more money..And I thought, hey if I just
increase my traffic Ill make more money. This was only partially
true, I learned two VERY IMPORTANT things along the way to
making my first $10,000 in one month..


Number one) Increasing the quality, and quantity of my how they teach at the Traffic Mastery Academy.


Now lots of good quality Traffic is only part of the formula,
the other part which is just as important, is Number two) how
you monetize it.


Many people get this part wrong as well, they are always looking
for the cheapest thing online to promote whether its a product
or a mlm type program, they think cheap is the way to get more
people to buy, and increase their income. This also took me
sometime to learn over the years as my income went up and down,
I didn’t realize you need a mix of price points, in your
marketing as well as having residuals and high end as well. So
for some of you reading this, this point will really hit home
with you, because if you have been struggling trying to make
more then a couple thousand a month online or your income keeps
fluctuating drastically, you know what I am talking about.



Scale Vs. Magnitude



There are two main ways to increase online income. You can
increase quality traffic (scale), and you can make more money on
the traffic you already have (magnitude). Most marketers
concentrate all their efforts on scale. They figure the key to
making more money is by getting more traffic. If you’re making
$1,000 a month with 100,000 views, then you should make $2,000 a
month with 200,000 views. That’s the logic of it, anyway.



The reality is most marketers like I told you in the beginning
of this post will never achieve the scale required to make a
living online. Their to afraid to properly invest in their
traffic and business, and do not have the right mix of sales and
are promoting only small ticket items that makes them next to
nothing. What they should be doing is scaling (increasing their
traffic) and make more money on the traffic they already have
(magnitude) by going after big-ticket sales, by investing in the
right programs.



These are the two secrets to making a living online, and joining
the 5% who become high 5, 6 and 7 figure income earners…You
will never do it one with out the other.


How am I currently scaling my traffic, and increasing my


1. Traffic Masters Academy

2. My Top Tier Income


P.S. If you are a newbie marketer reading this, and have no
experience what so ever and do not know what email marketing
even is, then you really need to start here.


Richard Weberg

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Do You Understand Math??

September 17th, 2014 by weberg69

I just want to share something that I have been preaching for a
long time..

Today I was reading a book from Dan Kennedy, and it reminded me
of this..

In it, he had a neat little diagram that outlined how many steps
it would take to get to $1 million dollars.

Take a look and compare it with what you’re selling in your
business right now.

And if things are looking bad, I just might have a fix for ya.
Either way, you’ll need to make a change and “correct” your own

How many steps must you take to get to $1 Million dollars?

$1,000,000.00 – 1 Step
$100,000.00 – 10 Steps
$10,000,00 – 100 Steps
$1,000.00 – 1,000 Steps
$100.00 – 10,000 Steps
$10.00 – 100,000 Steps

Its all in the math..pretty revealing eh?

Think it’s easier to take 100 steps or 100,000?

I have been trying to convey this message for a long time, so
many people who try to make money online, do not get this fact.
And I was guilty of not getting it for years myself, Im a hard
learner and it took me a while to realize the importance of

That promoting only programs with very small commissions, takes
way to much effort to make any real money online.

It truly is easier as you build your email list to promote and
make 1 sale for a $1000 commissions each in a month, then it is
to promote and make 100 sales for $10 commissions each..

And seriously from experience I have done it both ways, and the
fact is, I spent way less time, money and effort, getting the
$1000 commissions then I did getting the $10 ones..

This is important for many reasons, first off, the average
marketer can not get 100 sales in a month, you have to be a
super affiliate to do this. So my question is, are you a super

Do you think you will be one in the next 6 months?

If not how long, or how many years do you want it to take you to
make $1000 a month consistently?

And now we are only talking a $1000 a month, how many $10 sales
would it take you to get to $3000 a month..Yep you guessed it

UGGGGG..Can you do that?

This is why so many give up and fail, they try and promote
products and services only, that have no bigger commissions
attached to them, so they quit, because they are making crap for
their effort…

The longer your involved in internet marketing, the more you
realize to make real money online, you have to get serious and
treat this like a real honest to goodness business..

You have to put some skin in the game, and go after it..Your not
going to get anywhere with $20 programs…Yea, sure it looks
appealing, hey its only $20 bucks to join, you make $10 bucks,
but when you finally do the math, and look at your sales, you
will realize that it will never get you to your goals and
dreams…And this time next year you will still be making

So, whats the answer?

Its called having a marketing funnel and having some sort of top
tier income potential in it..

What have I been using for top tier income in my own funnel?

Mobe, or otherwise known as my top tier business. 21 steps to
realizing $1000, $3000, and $5000.00 commissions..

Are you serious about becoming debt free, and finally taking
vacations to the places you never thought you could afford to go?

Would you like to buy that new home you have always wanted, or
send your kids to the very best colleges?

Then take a serious look at your current idea of how to make
money online and throw it out the window, cause its not working,
and join me here:

My Top Tier Business

And lets change your life once and for all!

Richard Weberg

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Over 1 million Visitors and counting!

September 9th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes we have hit over 1 million real visitors to the rotator..

Do you like missing out??

okay, go here: , scroll down to roughly the middle of the page, and look at the stats from the revolving globe,

it may take a few minutes to refresh and show you the numbers, but we are over 1 million real visitors to the index page that rotates the

sign up link for our members!!!

Do you remember what this counter said the last time you looked at it?

Do you think some of these visitors have signed up?

Could they be in your downline?

Could you be making money by now?

yes, yes..and yes..had you signed up and followed the steps..

Guess what you lost out…How, because you didnt sign up, or you did, and didn’t follow the steps…??

I have been building my business online for over ten years now, and guess what?

I never quit, and I never give up, and I never lose, and I never lose focus, ever..
So want to be on a winning team?

Want to make money?

Then I suggest you sign up and follow the steps or log in and follow the steps..CAUSE QUESS WHAT..I will never stop driving sign ups for our members…EVER!

As long as I am alive and breathing..I will drive traffic to the rotator..That rotates our members sign up links.

Are you still on that page..? Refresh your browser again..guess what, more traffic has been delivered, you lost out again…

Im sorry but opportunity is a knocking, your choice, forever watch the parade go by or join the parade…

Now is your time, dont expect miracles overnight, but realize there is nobody online, is forthright, honest, and driven to help you succeed..

Again refresh your browser, did the traffic stats change?

What are you waiting for..I can only encourage you so much..

Richard Weberg

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Let’s stop with the B.S. and hype.. here is the truth about MLM!

September 6th, 2014 by weberg69


Do you really want to know what makes a great

Like really… lets be realistic here!

What makes a great opportunity is..

a company that has over 300 000 real customers

that use and need real products

a leadership team that won’t B.S. you about 1 click riches!

a company that puts value, honesty and integrity first!


Ok let me show you why WE have sustainable legs while
others crash and burn.

We have real products.. let me prove it to you!!

I can prove it to you by showing you our ranks. is a third party ranking service owned by ranks sites by popularity and USE of that site..

Now lets look at our Alexa ranks first.

Product 1. GoGVO our hosting company. Global rank 1615
(click here to see the image below)

Product 2. Meetcheap Our conference software: Global Rank 2038
(click here to see the image below)

Now your website and your conference software are just two of the
main softwares included with your Pureleverage tool suite.

Now I am not one to “bash our competitors” so I’ll keep them anonymous
a little bit.

Here is crash and burn MLM hype company 1.
(click here to see the image below)

As you can see the they launched in December or so and were literally
dead by April… HYPE DOES NOT LAST!

Here is crash and burn hype company 2.
(click here to see the image below)

They launched in late February and were pronounced dead by May.


You see…

Hype will not get any company anywhere LONG TERM!!


So what is the success formula for a good MLM model?

1. You need to have a good marketing funnel to attract new distributors

2. You need to have a solid product that customers need with exceptional
value in the in the marketplace!

3. You need to have 10 real customers for every distributor!

Enough hype and B.S.

Get it! For any company to survive in the MLM space you NEED customers!

That is why we are AWESOME..

We REALLY are totally AWESOME..

From a product standpoint where else can you get

Your very own website


A professional auto responder service


A “done for you” lead capture system


Video e-mail and streaming to generate know, like and trust!


A live audio and video conference room for hundreds to join in on The best coaching in the industry


The Facebook Instant Income System to drive massive profits to your pocket!


You get all theses tools at literally a FRACTION of the cost
of the competition!

Yep… all these tools are only $24.95 per month!!

Just an auto responder at aweber is $130.00 a month
Just a webinar room at is $79.00 a month!!

You get soooo much more with us for $24.95

So here is why you will get involved with us :-)

We have!!

>> Awesome leadership
>> Awesome Support
>> Awesome compensation plan
>> Awesome products that every customer needs!

All for $24.95 per month!!

So look.. get your 7 day risk free trial right here!!

All the risk is on me because of for what ever reason
after a full 30 days if you wake up and the sky isn’t blue
enough for you….

We will give you an unconditional, no questions asked 30 day

We don’t want your business if you don’t absolutely LOVE us!

Get involved.. try us out today and experience the magic!!

I really look forward to working with you to finally
help you build a REAL business from home!

 skype: richard.weberg

–Richard Weberg

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Do you feel stuck? Here is YOUR 21 steps to freedom..

September 4th, 2014 by weberg69

Do you feel stuck?

Most people are.

You may be stuck in a dead-end job (or in an endless
job hunt).

Or you may be stuck financially… living paycheck to

You may have tried to get a home business started but
gotten stuck somewhere along the way when all the
“pieces” didn’t come together.

Or you may have made a few affiliate commissions… but
are stuck doing all the work yourself, and unable to
“break through” the next level.

Well, My Top Tier Business will get you…


… and get you $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 commissions
deposited in your bank account WITHOUT you ever having
to pick up the phone (our team will make sales for

What is My Top Tier Business?

In a nutshell… it’s a 21 step program that will take
you from where you are NOW, to making your first (or
next) $1,000… $3,000… or $5,000 commission online.

With My Top Tier, you get your own personal coach to
help you through each step.

Your coach will walk you through the process, answer
any questions you have, and show you exactly what you
need to do to be successful in this business.

Go to the link below to get started with My Top Tier

There’s something else you should know…

My Top Tier Business is different from everything else
out there for two main reasons:

1) Our experienced (but not pushy) sales team will
make high-ticket sales FOR YOU, and you get paid
$1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 commissions. No one else is
doing this. (I checked).

2) My Top Tier Business is backed up by the strongest
guarantee in our industry today. Matt Lloyd is so
confident this will work for you, that he will pay you
$500 CASH out of his own pocket if you don’t make at
least $1,000 in commissions within 30 days of
completing all the steps.

Check out My Top Tier and start earning $1,000 to
$5,000 commissions.

Talk soon,

Richard Weberg

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How to get more conversions from your email marketing list..

September 4th, 2014 by weberg69

Making money online is not that difficult, but it requires doing things the right way with the right tools, taking action and developing the right mindset to succeed. Building your email marketing list is fundamentally one of the most important actions you will do to produce a real income online.


Now to build your email list, you obviously need traffic, real people visiting your squeeze pages. My marketing lessons will teach you how to build and drive traffic to your squeeze pages using very specific traffic strategies. So in this lesson we are going to cover the follow up, and follow through process that you will take to convert your opt-ins (leads) into income.


Just putting people on your list by itself, will not make you income, you have to follow through with them, and actually learn how to sell to them…This also helps them do the same…


As you build your email list, it is super critical that you interact with your list, meaning you email them on a consistent basis, you need to email them at least once daily. Many successful marketers actually recommend emailing your list twice a day. The better you get at communicating your message, the more money you make online, and so will they.


It is said, and has been used as a gauge, that for every person you have on your email list, you should be earning at least $1 a month for. So this means if you have 500 people on your email list, you should be making at least $500 a month in income, and so forth.

The harsh reality is… you can have thousands of subscribers on your list and never make enough to pay the rent….Why is this?

Because how you “relate” to your list - how you communicate, interact, and involve them, is the real gauge as to what your monthly income will be. Some marketers who do this extremely well, make as much as $5 a month per person on their list, meaning if they have 500 people on their list, they are making $2500 a month in income. There are actually some marketers who are so good with this process, they make as much as $10 or more per subscriber!! Do not under estimate this process…

So how do you relate to, communicate, interact, and involve them, and get good at it?

1. Email them daily, once to twice a day. This will build your communication and writing skills.

2. In your first emails you put in your follow ups, share who you are and that you are readily available to help and guide them in their journey. Let them know there is a real person behind the emails.

3. Tell stories, people love stories, get them to know you through story telling. Tell them about your life, and where you have been. Relate to them, because everyone has ups and downs..

4. Ask them to get in contact with you and introduce them selves, get to know them. Give them your skype name, or phone number, or ask them to reply by email. Then ask about their goals and dreams, what do they want??

5. Share your vision, your passion, tell them when you reach new goals and about your successes. You want them to know they have found a winner, and together you both are going to win!

6. Throughout the process never forget to also promote to them. You use the above guidance to relate to, communicate, interact, and involve them, but also to sell them on what is working for you and what will help them. Get good at selling to your list, by following the guidance above and learning to implement it all together in your writing, your sales process. If you follow the above guidance in your email marketing you will be able to make a fortune online! Get really good at this, master it, by doing it, each and every day.

Richard Weberg

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Increase your email open rates and sales by 400%!

September 3rd, 2014 by weberg69

Okay, so you are driving traffic to your squeeze pages
opt-in pages) building your email list. Now your
challenge is always going to be how to get more and
more of those people on your list to open up your
email and actually read them.

Marketing online is truly a numbers game, the more
people read your emails and take action, the more
commissions and sales you will personally make…

That make sense?

Your open rates will increase your sales..

64% of people polled say that they open emails because
of the subject lines, 22% open their emails based on
who or what organizations its from, and 12% open their
email because of the offer itself. These averages
remained almost identical for all polls I have ever
read. These averages tell you some very important
information, because remember getting people on your
list is only the first objective, now you need to get
them to open read your emails.

So how do you accomplish this?

By paying attention to these three percentages
above… First: Learning to write email subject lines
that get your email opened.

1. The best email subject lines are short, descriptive
and provide the reader with a reason to explore your
message further. You should keep your subject line to
50 characters or less.

2. Subject lines framed as questions can often perform
better. Asking your readers a question, as opposed to
a standard statement, immediately engages them.
Questions enter an instant dialogue with users, making
them more likely to be opened. Here some examples:

Would Self-Hypnosis Help You Achieve Your Goals?
Tired of Making Your Boss Rich?
Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

3. When it comes to subject lines, don’t sell what’s
inside. Tell what’s inside. “Tell your customer what’s
in it for them.”

4. Covering your subject line in all caps WILL NOT
HELP YOU. Caps are powerful, but not to be trifled
with. Use them sparingly and responsibly, like to
highlight an important word.

5. Use benefit driven subject lines,when crafting your
subject line you need to think of yourself as the
reader and ask the question “What’s in it for me?”
All too often, the classic mistake of promoting
features over benefits is made.

When you try to sell the features of your product or
service, you’re making the customer do all the work to
figure out why they want your product. It’s in your
best interest to connect the dots for them. Here are
some examples, you can apply this to anything you are

Lose Weight While You Sleep.
Earn $90,000 a Year Repairing Cracked Windshields.
Write a Blockbuster in 30 Days.
Improve your sales with facebook fan pages

6. Use how-to subject lines..The how-to subject line
is more specific because it promises to reveal
“how-to” achieve the benefit. It’s hard to write a bad
how-to email subject line. Simply join a mouthwatering
benefit to the words “how to.”

How to triple your opt-ins in the next 30 days
How to eat more and still lose weight. (I like this lol)
How to start a 6 figure biz with NO risk!

7. See something you like? Steal it! All the world’s
greatest artists are thieves and“ they “borrow” from
others, building on existing works to create their
own. Don’t be afraid to break bad. If you see great
subject lines that you think will work for your
business, nab them! Tweak them a bit and try them on
for size. Remember, imitation is flattery, so flatter
the hell out of the best email subject lines.

Brand yourself,
the from field (meaning when your
looking in your inbox, along side each email it says
who the email is from) should clearly state your name
or business, not a nickname or some other childish
username. I read emails from many people just because
I know who it is from, and know that person sends me
great information and products. Be professional, I
wont even open emails if I cant identify a real
looking name or business. If it comes from hellboy or
something weird like that, I wont open it, even if I
had subscribed to be on the list.

It’s hard to undo a bad first impression…

I hope you now understand to take the time to write
good subject lines and to develop this skill, a
subject line can and will greatly affect your open
rates and the amount of sales you make.

You can apply this information in your solo ads and
your safelist marketing as well. Even your squeeze and sales pages
you can apply this information to your headings or first bold statements to get more opt-ins.

Do not underestimate the power of good subject lines, and headings on your squeeze and sales pages, and what
they can do to increase your income!

Richard Weberg

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How to generate thousands leads off Facebook with 1 click!

September 3rd, 2014 by weberg69

Hello everyone,


I just got off a training call with my good friend
Joel Therien, and what he showed me blew me away!!

He showed me a simple 4 step process on facebook
that only takes 5 minutes to generate thousands of
leads for your business!

This process is ideal for newbies who:

>> don’t have a list but want to build one
>> who work full time and need easy effective and FREE ways to generate leads!
>> LOVE facebook and want to make a living from it!!

So look.. if you are

>> on a tight budget
>> trying to get your business off the ground..

Then register here for the webinar:


The webinar is Thursday, September 4th at 8 pm Eastern..

I will see you there!

–Richard Weberg

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