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Introducing Inner Circle Riches… A Fast, Easy Way to Make Money Online…

October 24th, 2014 by weberg69

While Others do the Work for you!

This has been a very exciting ride so far…Combining Inner Circle Riches with Mobe, the conversion has been off of the charts!!

Inner Circle Riches is a money-making system where you have access to a series of top quality products and high converting sales funnels to sell these front end products, including Mobe (My Top Tier Business).

So, invest in the Inner Circle Riches back end offer (Mobe) and you get high quality Internet Marketing Products that currently sell for $1997… You get the Inner Circle Riches products for free by investing into Mobe!

Use them to get traffic AND sell them as part of your own custom made sales funnel… earning multiple streams of income and thousands of dollars in commissions each month.

Not only that, but you get your own dedicated customer support team and a phone sales team will actually close the deals FOR you… so YOU don’t have to talk to anyone. All you do is promote in-demand, high quality programs and earn commissions on the sales… without the hassles of creating the products or sales funnel.

This has been the easiest fastest commissions on line I have ever made!! I love getting notifications of $1000.00 Commissions, not hard to make 10k a month with commissions like these…

With the sales funnel set up for you AND with these added marketing products you get for investing in Mobe, you can make more money without all the headaches…You dont have to do any follow or support, they do it all for you! Even though many businesses say they’re “turn key”… you still have to create products, or write copy, set up squeeze pages, or emails. Or you have to offer customer support or hire sales people.

With Inner Circle Riches and Mobe… ALL of that’s done FOR you. The only thing you need to do is send traffic, which is easy because the free products teach you how to get FLOODS of traffic!

So this really is a complete “Business in a Box”. EVERYTHING is handed to you. The products, high converting sales funnel, emails, support, even the phone sales that sell big ticket items… all working to make you money.

It truly dosnt get any easier then this..By investing in Mobe through Innercircle riches here are some of the great products you get..

1. Easy Sketch Pro

2. Pay Per Click Tsunami Training Course

3. The CPA Tsunami Training Course

Join Mobe Here Through Inner circle Riches, get a guaranteed sale in less then 14 days..Become an MLR of Mobe, this is the highest legitimate paying company online! I have made thousands from these two programs, it has been the easiest money I have ever made!!

Come Join me, and start finally knocking it out of the park!!

Richard Weberg

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How I Got Completely Out Of Debt And Got Back My Financial Freedom..

October 23rd, 2014 by weberg69

I thought I would share this with you today, because like many people I once was consumed by debt many years ago. I know this does not have to do with online marketing per say, but it will help you, learn to get rid of some stress in your life, which will make your online marketing that much easier. This is one of the many reasons people come online to make more money, their personal debt is killing them financially..Bankruptcies in the United States alone have been at all time highs the last several years.

And more and more people are looking for a way out of their financial burden their debt has caused them..

Well this is how I did it..


The day I realized that my financial situation was spinning out of control and that I had way to much debt is the day I said 944517_f120enough is enough. I then took a piece of paper and pen with me every where I went and started writing down everything I spent money on everyday for two weeks. After the two weeks was over I sat down with my self and said self WOW, are you wasting your money foolishly, I spent half a pay check over spending on items at gas stations and out to eat food. I couldn’t believe how much money I was just throwing out the window! On top of that I have a bad habit (that I wasn’t about to quit yet for the sake of debt) I chew snuff, that was costing me $6.57 a day times 30 days equals 200 bucks a month! Watching for two weeks how I spent my money also made me realize how I put on all my extra weight over the years, gas stations and out to eat food. I was spending on average $25.00 dollars a day between bottles of pop, cans of snuff, out to eat lunches, snacks and other miscellaneous items from gas stations, that is around 750.00 dollars a month on peer junk plus I was slowly getting fat! This was only the beginning of my calculations I forgot to tell you I have a wife and three kids who spend money too.

How I started to save money

I decided from here on out I was going to stop over spending and get out of debt I also decided I was going to lead my family by example. I would learn how to control my spending habits before I would even worry about what everybody else in the family was spending money on. My first step I took to get out of debt was writing down all the ways I could save money.

1. Start buying groceries for my lunches and snacks I was no longer going to eat out or eat fast food for lunch anymore.

2. Start a garden, I got three benefits out of this, healthy food, exercise and saved a boat load of money.

3. Find a generic snuff I could buy that was cheaper (since I wasn’t ready to stop chewing yet)

4. Dont buy any items from a gas station that I could get at a discount store, buy only gas

5. Make my kids lunches instead of giving them money (this way they also ate healthier)

6. Stop drinking pop, (this was a hard one…I was addicted to it, it took a couple weeks to stop feeling tired and for the headaches to go away but they did

7. Save going out for dinner for special occasions and teach my kids how to cook

It wasn’t easy but I accomplished all the things on my list in about three months, it was a relief I actually had some extra 944515_f120money and I didn’t have to demand anybody in the family to cut spending money or anything like that, they just started following my example. It might have been the 25 pounds I lost in three months or my being less stressed out and happier but we all started being more conscious of how we spent are money and what we ate. And I had more money to use to invest in my online business to grow my income, I was able to buy more website traffic, and started making money faster online. My spending habits had been killing me two ways before, and now I was finally going in the right direction.

Paying Off My Debt

The Next step I took in my quest to get out of debt was writing a list of every place I owed money to and how much the monthly payment was. It looked something like the list below.

1. Mortgage $700.00 Monthly Balance $98,000

2. Car Payment $350 $12,000

3. Improvement loan $150 $6,500

4. Credit card1 $75 $2,500

5. Credit card2 $100 $4,700

6. and so on and so on….

I then made a budget I could live by, and started paying some of the extra money I was saving from my first steps I took to eliminate debt, and paid the extra money on the lowest balanced item in my list until it was paid off. I just kept moving from lowest balance to next lowest balance until I got to my house payment and by that time I had enough extra money to start tripling my house payment. I stuck to my budget and any extra money I made from anything else went straight to getting out of debt or growing my income online, I no longer spent money foolishly. It was really amazing how fast I was able to get completely out of debt. Today I don’t buy anything minor on credit, if I cant afford it I make it a goal and save enough money to pay for it in full. Not only in the process did I get out of debt, but I also amassed quite a nice nest egg because of this strategy.

The one thing I have to say is these are not all my ideas I got them from reading books if their is one thing I can promote to you is to read, information is power it not only reinforces what you are trying to accomplish but it inspires ideas. There are many ways to save money and ideas for getting out of debt, you have to do what works best for you. I have also realized through my debt reduction plan that most people don’t realize where they waste the most money is through everyday expenditures.

I once counseled a couple, and looked at their finances and what they were spending their money on, and they were absolutely amazed on how they wasted their money on nothing. They were always struggling, and never had enough money to pay their bills. They were like I was, and they were spending most of their budget on convenience items and going out to eat everyday. They didn’t think that spending $35 a day for out to eat food was very bad, but when you take that times 30 days in a month, that’s over $1050.00 a month to go out to eat!! They never had ever added it up, and just didn’t think about it. Lets say you buy a bottle of soda pop at $1.87 everyday, that alone is $56.10 a month. So what if you changed that to twelve packs of pop, and only drank one can a day. If the twelve pack of pop cost $5.95 and you buy three in a month, that only cost you $17.85 a month, and you now saved $38.25 monthly or $459 yearly! Think about the couple now if they stopped going out to eat everyday, and made their meals at home, easily a $400 savings in a month, take that times 12 months and they will save $4800.00!!

That’s the power of keeping a budget and sticking to it, then use that money you are saving to pay off debt, and create more income, such as I did online, I invested my savings in my online business and was able to grow it ten times as fast, all while paying down my debt..


1. You are what you do daily.
2. You first form your habits; then your habits form you.
3. It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.


This is how you become financially free, and finally do the things in life you really want to, like going on vacation 4 or 5cash1 times in a year, buying new cars and paying cash for them, adding on to your home…Think of the stress that gets lifted when debt is going down, and your income is rising…Because your no longer spending it foolishly..

Just like everything worth doing, it wont be easy to start and commit to, but will be extremely worth it!!

Hope this helps out..
Until next time
Richard Weberg


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Are you failing the right or WRONG WAY!

October 22nd, 2014 by weberg69

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Mark Cuban knows how to build
profitable businesses and franchises.

And there’s a LOT we can learn from him.

Here’s one of the many “smart” things he has said:

“You can fail 1,000 times at business, but if you succeed
ONCE, you’re a success at business. The failures don’t
matter. They are just acts. Things that happened. NOT
what matters.”

This is soooooo true!!

It doesn’t matter how many things you’ve tried that didn’t
pan out like you had planned.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed, been
hyped up and lied to, none of it matters.

That ONE inevitable success (if you stick with this)
erases everything else.

Here’s one thing about the quote though.

This DOES NOT mean that you can just randomly fail
1,000 times.

The spray and pray strategy doesn’t work.

No, no!! That’s ridiculous.

You can’t go into this blindly. You need a system. You
need a strategy, a plan.


A plan that you know will work for you.

A plan like My Top Tier Business:

Then, when you fail 1 time, 2 times, 3 times,
you’re not failing blindly.

You’re failing forward!! You’re learning.
And THAT’S how you’ll reach success.

Taking little actions everyday, learning what worked,
what didn’t, what you can do better, what you can
scrap, and then doing it again.

What’s great about My Top Tier Business, is the simplicity of it all.


You get to focus on the single most important thing
you can be doing, which is sending targeted leads
into the system…

…And the system will do all the rest.

Included in this is the opportunity to have the MOBE
ELITE closing high ticket programs FOR YOU.

They get a tiny but nice cut of the vig, and you get
the bulk of the profits.

It couldn’t get any better than this!


And don’t worry, you’ll know EXACTLY how the
top earners get and how YOU can get all the leads
you’ll ever need.

Check out the presentation, and then decide to get
started with me in this magical system.

Richard Weberg

P.S. Again, I know not succeeding right off the bat can
be frustrating. But as Mark says, none of that matters
once you succeed.

Watch the presentation, decide, and keep slugging away!!

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Use solo ads and increase your income in 30 days..

October 21st, 2014 by weberg69

I use many traffic generating strategies in my marketing, and one of the fastest ways to build your opt-in list and increase your income, is to use solo ads..

Solo ads reach people via their email inbox, so its the most effective way to build your list.

This is one of the most effective traffic resources online, and has been this way for many years, the key to learning to use solo ads effectively, is to make sure and test your ad copy, on smaller purchases first, this way your not wasting money on ad copy that is not converting well.

Tweaking your subject line alone will increase greatly your response you get from the solo ads you purchases. I have previously written a blog post covering this topic, you can read it here.

The text links on the right hand side of my blog, under Your Simple Step By Step Marketing system, does have more topics relating to purchasing solo ads and ad copy.

Paid advertising such as solo ads, with a good budget, one can realize very fast growth in their business, you can build leads with lightening speed. This is how people have fast success online, they are not messing around with free traffic strategies the require hours of sitting in front of their computer. I teach both methods, because there are many people who come online and have no budget either, so the only way for them to start building traffic, is by earning through other traffic programs.

If you truly want to live the dot com lifestyle, you will want to get into purchasing traffic eventually if you are not now, this sets you free, and can spend very little time online and earn a hefty income once you have the right process down. I wrote about this yesterday as well, click here to read this post.

Here are a couple of my favorite traffic sources to buy high converting solo ads from:


Well hope everyone has a great day, talk more soon.

Richard Weberg

Connect with me on
Skype: richard.weberg

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Internet Marketing Is Foolishly Simple And Anyone Can Do It!

October 20th, 2014 by weberg69

Once you understand internet marketing, you can create a new
campaign for anything and make money almost instantly when you
understand the total process, it really is that simple..

Everyone over complicates it, and newbies get lost in
information overload, and most of this information is useless..

I wrote about this topic a few days ago, in a little different
light, now today I really want to get across the simplicity of
how internet marketing works, and that there really only a few
things you need to learn how to do, in order to have success and
make money online.

Repeat after me “Internet Marketing Is Foolishly Simple And
Anyone Can Do It!”

Follow the wrong process and you will fail guaranteed, follow
the right process and you will make money online eventually.

Now you may ask, why do so many people fail then?

That’s simple as well..

1. Lack of knowledge, they dont
understand what they should focus on.

2. Lack of funds, or lack of willing to invest anything into
their business.

These are the exact same two reasons why offline brick and
mortar businesses fail.
In fact more people statistically have
success offline then people who do online.

Why is this?

Because people offline do not try and start a business with no
money..or marketing plan…Make sense?? In fact most people who start
an offline business have to write out a business plan before they can
even apply to get a loan to start their business..

Online, people get in their head that they can some how make
money online magically for free, and don’t need to follow a
marketing plan, and the reason for this is because they have
nothing to risk, so they do not learn, and they do not create a

So about 90% of all want to be internet marketers go by the
waste side in failure..Because They refuse to accept the truths about
marketing online..A business online will take money to make it work,
it is just a heck of a lot less then a traditional offline business
takes to get started.

People who are making money online, believe me are following the
same exact process…They are not trying to recreate the
wheel..And this process is foolishly simple..

You either accept it or you dont, and its why your outcome of
your effort never changes then, because you refuse to follow the
process. And you think you can do it all some how for free…

What is that process?

1. The very first thing you should learn how to set up is an
autoresponder. Email marketing is an absolute must, its not a
I’ll think about it…EVERY successful person online I have ever
met in my now almost 12 years of doing this, is building their
email list with an autoresponder.

2. Second, you must have an offer, products or services to offer
to your subscribers. Your offer is what you are promoting and
selling. Now this is what you set up your emails in your
autoresponder around.

So whether you plan on creating your own products or just being
an affiliate, you need to have something to offer to your list.

3. Third, you need to set up a couple sales or squeeze pages,
this is the page where people will subscribe to get more
information regarding your offer.

4. Fourth, you need traffic, and lots of it, without traffic
(visitors) you have no business. There are many traffic
strategies you can use to send visitors to your new squeeze and
sales pages.

5. Fifth, you send emails to your new subscribers, building a
relationship with them, by sharing information about you and
what you are promoting. Get to know your subscribers.

Now thats it, once you have this process set up, all you do is
keep driving traffic to your squeeze and sales pages..

Want to promote something else, now its simple for you, because
you already know the process, you just set up a new campaign in
your autoresponder and a few new pages and emails..And start
sending traffic..

Now the last thing I want to cover is traffic..All traffic is
not created equal, meaning all traffic will give you a different
conversion, so it is important to set up a few different traffic
strategies..And this SHOULD include buying traffic, think about

If you only use free traffic, you will have to manually work for
it, so it takes up your time. Now if you get good at buying solo
ads and other paid traffic like ptc or ppc. It only takes you a
few minutes to purchase your traffic, and once you learn how to
set up paid traffic campaigns, you business will take very
little time to run every week. You will literally be making
money while you are on the beach, or on vacation..

The people who master this part, have total freedom, they spend
very little time online, and can make hundreds of thousands of
dollars a year to millions, working very little, some can do it
in only a couple hours a week.

Internet marketing does not have to be difficult with long hours
staring at your computer screen..You have to not let fear stop
you from investing in your business, and stop wasting time doing
things that do not work. The process outlined in this post, will
become incredibly simple to you after you realize it works. You
will be blown away when you realize if you just would have
listened to someone when you first got started and just kept
mastering the correct process online.

When I finally learned how to buy solo ads, and use other paid
traffic strategies
, I was amazed at how fast the results came
in, and how much it simplified my business..When you treat this
like a real business, it will become one..

If you try and earn all your traffic for free, it will take you
many hours and years of pounding your keyboard to see any real results.

And if you need help learning this process, because you have
never built your email list before, or you do not have any
marketing experience.. Our system will help you, just go to the
link below now and you will get instant access.

YourEightSteps Marketing System

For those of you with more experience who have made some
commissions online and are building your email list, and want to
take your business to a whole new level, then follow this link

My Top Tier Business

Richard Weberg

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Are you struggling to make money online because of the country you live in??

October 10th, 2014 by weberg69

Are you struggling to make money online, because you live in a country, that you can not use paypal to send or receive payments, or they deny you entry into the program because of the country you live in, and turn down your credit or debit card payment?

This does happen to people in several countries, because in the past financial institutions experienced a very high rate of fraud from these countries. There are still some countries my bank here in the United States will not allow me to send funds to or even purchase anything from if the payment processor is located in a certain country.

So what this does is limit the online opportunities for the people of those certain countries, and makes it almost impossible for them to earn money online, without going searching all over the place to find a program where their are no barriers for them to send and receive money. Then the other half of the problem, is most of the honest and best money making programs online are all in English, so this creates another barrier..

Even the marketing program I co-own YourEightSteps, is in English only, and Paypal is are major payment processor. Now Paypal is in over 200 countries, but that still eliminates many other countries like the ones listed below.. These countries either have Paypal limits and restrictions, like can send money but can not receive or are banned all together or even blocked by that country.

Cote D’ivoire
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Equatorial Guinea Haiti
Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Pakistan Papua New Guinea
Serbia and Montenegro
Syrian Arab Republic Zimbabwe

Nigeria holds the biggest potential market for PayPal considering that the West African country has an estimated 60 million Internet users according to statistics from Euromonitor.

Now the reason for this blog posting is because from time to time, in our marketing program YourEightSteps, we have to turn away members because they have no means to make payments or receive commissions because of the country they live in. It dosnt happen all that often, but we get only a few people every month, because most of the world can use Paypal or another major payment processor like Payza. So Since I do have readers here on my blog and people on my list from some of these countries listed above, I decided to search for an opportunity that provided some other alternative payment processors more widely accepted in the countries listed from above and at least had some sort of language translator on the site (We are also looking into this for YourEightSteps).

I searched for a program and found one so I didn’t have to keep turning these people away, I wanted to be able to have something that might work for them. I feel this was a responsibility I had to do, being the online opportunities I have been blessed with that have completely changed my life. I hated to see people not having any options to change their own life..

The other qualification the program had to have, was it had to be very inexpensive to join, and self funding, because many of the countries listed above live in extreme poverty as well.

So here is what I found, and am excited to share this with you, and even if your not from one of the countries listed above, you may have readers on your blogs or have people on your list that are and needing to see this, so I encourage you to join and share it with your list, the comp plan is fantastic! There is a language translator on the top of the site.

Four Corners Alliance Group

The comp plan

This may not be the answer for everyone with these barriers, I do hope this will help some of you..

Richard Weberg

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How To Buy And Set Up Solo Ads In Udimi And Herculist.

October 6th, 2014 by weberg69

Solo ads are one of the fastest ways online to build your email marketing list and business. Many of you reading this are already members of YourEightSteps, the marketing site I co-own with my good friend and partner Brenda de Reus. I have already sent out updates for our members about these two videos being added to the members area.

Now some of you reading this are not in YourEightSteps and maybe promoting other things, So I decided to post both of these how to videos here as well to give you a hand in your promotions for being a loyal reader here at my blog. It is a lot easier sometimes when you have something showing you how to do something, and saves you time in trying to figure it out on your own.

I know I certainly appreciate any video instructions I can get my hands on.

I have been buying solo ads from Herculist and Udimi formerly known as safeswaps, for quite some time. I may talk about YourEightSteps in the videos as well, you can just apply the information to what ever your promoting.

How to buy and set up solo ads in Udimi:

If your not a member of Udimi, you join here:

How to buy and set up solo ads in Herculist:

You can buy solo ads from Herculist here:

These solo ads will provide you with good quality traffic.

Richard Weberg

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Interested In Getting What You Truly Want Out Of Life??

September 30th, 2014 by weberg69

This is truly a very powerful video..Well the information in it is. This is the full version of the “Secret”

The true secret to finally making life give you exactly what you want..

I used the secret in my own life many times, and never realized it until, I read a book by Napolean Hill called “Think And Grow Rich”

Same concept, just was explained a little differently, Napolean Hill made you think for yourself to come up with the answer, this video gives you the secret and it explains it.

I really hope you take the time to watch this whole video, you will understand the things that have transpired in your own life a lot better, and will realize what you have to do to make life give you what you truly want!!

Richard Weberg
Its Your Turn!

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Is internet marketing to complicated?

September 25th, 2014 by weberg69

Internet marketing and making money online, is actually foolishly simple…

Once you realize there is a exact process, and as long as you keep implementing the process and learn to master it..It always WORKS! You will make money..

The problem of why so many fail, is because they refuse to except the process. They try to reinvent the wheel..

What is the process?

1. Create website traffic using both free and paid methods.
2. Build your email list by sending the traffic to your squeeze pages (opt-in pages)
3. Communicate with your list, and sell them products and services

Simple isn’t it, then why do so many people Fail and complicate it?

The ones who fail do not want to invest in their business, so they do not spend money on a autoresponder to build their list, and they do not buy traffic. They believe the internet is like the lottery, spend 5$ on a couple tickets, and they will make you millions instantly…like in a couple weeks or months…When you treat it like the lottery..You have about the same chances of making any money, about 1 out of 1,657,879 million!

And here lies another big problem, most people get blinded by the business opportunity they are in, they think its the business opportunity itself that is going to make them money, and that is so untrue..Its the process that makes all the money, dosn’t matter the opportunity, I have sold numerous business opportunities since I have been marketing over the past ten years..You can make money with any business opportunity, sure some are way better then others, but if you do not follow the process I outlined above, you will fail, no matter what business opportunity you are in..

It is like a carpenter building a house saying, well hammer and nails are way to expensive, so I am only going to buy this cheap glue. Then instead of nailing the boards together I am just going to glue them together instead. I know that’s never worked before, but I am going to try it anyway…??????????

Do you see how dumb that is??

But this is exactly what the majority of people do when they come online and try their hand at internet marketing, there is only around 10% who listen, that do not try and recreate the wheel..This 10% make all the money..

So how do you become one of the 10%?

You do, and learn the process…, and you keep repeating that process, and eventually you will become a master of that process.

“Repetition is the mother of all skill”

Would you like to finally stop struggling, and learn the process?

The system listed below, will teach the right process for making money online, without it you are doomed to fail!

YourEightSteps Marketing System

Richard Weberg

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Scale Vs. Magnitude A lesson to be learned

September 18th, 2014 by weberg69

Making a million dollars online for most people is not even in
their realm of thinking, its like a never ever land, most are
just hoping to make a few thousand extra month. Reality is, most
Internet marketers make very little money, in fact 90% make less
then $500 a month. The ones who make more then that, and are
actually making a livable wage, several thousand a month or
more, are not afraid to spend money learning traffic strategies
and buying traffic. Because lets face it, the more quality
traffic you have coming in, the more money you will make online.



Most wanna be marketers are afraid to spend money on learning
and buying traffic, one of the main reasons people fail online,
they do not understand delayed gratification..Offline business
owners, and people who went to college for a few years, have a
greater chance of success online, because they have already
developed the right mindset before attempting internet
marketing, by paying for an education or a business upfront, and
then getting the rewards later.


This is delayed gratification, working towards, learning and
investing in your now for future rewards (income). All
successful people and business owners understand this concept.



A Doctor only becomes a Doctor and makes money after years of
schooling, and residency..


A Rock band only makes money, after many hours of first learning
their skill, then practice, playing together, and sharing their
music with others and auditioning for gigs…


A business owner only makes money after many hours of marketing
research, writing a business plan, and investing money getting
the business set up and on advertising…



The point is, any professional, or someone who has success in
what they do, spend hours learning, and investing time and money
into their profession, long before they make much money..And
every profession has tools of the trade that you have to invest
in to make money with.



Could you imagine a carpenter building a house with out any
tools? Or how would you like to hire a self proclaimed
carpenter, who has no prior experience building homes?


A lesson to be learned…And now for the rest of the story..



I still remember several years back, when I had made my first
ever $1,000 dollars in one month, I almost didn’t even believe
it, even my banker when I went to cash the check, told me this
sounds to good to be true..For me it was a wonderful moment
after two years of being frustrated trying to make money online,
and failing time and time again..



After the nervousness settled down, and I realized wow this is
real, and my work finally paid off, I was excited to continue on
and try and make even more money..And I thought, hey if I just
increase my traffic Ill make more money. This was only partially
true, I learned two VERY IMPORTANT things along the way to
making my first $10,000 in one month..


Number one) Increasing the quality, and quantity of my how they teach at the Traffic Mastery Academy.


Now lots of good quality Traffic is only part of the formula,
the other part which is just as important, is Number two) how
you monetize it.


Many people get this part wrong as well, they are always looking
for the cheapest thing online to promote whether its a product
or a mlm type program, they think cheap is the way to get more
people to buy, and increase their income. This also took me
sometime to learn over the years as my income went up and down,
I didn’t realize you need a mix of price points, in your
marketing as well as having residuals and high end as well. So
for some of you reading this, this point will really hit home
with you, because if you have been struggling trying to make
more then a couple thousand a month online or your income keeps
fluctuating drastically, you know what I am talking about.



Scale Vs. Magnitude



There are two main ways to increase online income. You can
increase quality traffic (scale), and you can make more money on
the traffic you already have (magnitude). Most marketers
concentrate all their efforts on scale. They figure the key to
making more money is by getting more traffic. If you’re making
$1,000 a month with 100,000 views, then you should make $2,000 a
month with 200,000 views. That’s the logic of it, anyway.



The reality is most marketers like I told you in the beginning
of this post will never achieve the scale required to make a
living online. Their to afraid to properly invest in their
traffic and business, and do not have the right mix of sales and
are promoting only small ticket items that makes them next to
nothing. What they should be doing is scaling (increasing their
traffic) and make more money on the traffic they already have
(magnitude) by going after big-ticket sales, by investing in the
right programs.



These are the two secrets to making a living online, and joining
the 5% who become high 5, 6 and 7 figure income earners…You
will never do it one with out the other.


How am I currently scaling my traffic, and increasing my


1. Traffic Masters Academy

2. My Top Tier Income


P.S. If you are a newbie marketer reading this, and have no
experience what so ever and do not know what email marketing
even is, then you really need to start here.


Richard Weberg

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