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Get Marketing Results In less Then 30 days, Guaranteed!

April 17th, 2014 by weberg69

You know making money online is super simple.. it is not
difficult, You want to know why most people fail?

It is simple, only two things lead to failure..

1. No complete Simple system with real support

2. Sadly, 80% of people never do one thing.. They

After 10 years I have seen time and time again the
only two things that cause failure is no simple system
and inaction…

Here is the BAD news..

I don’t know who you are.. so I can not MAKE you take
action.. BUT

Here is the good NEWS.. is the complete simple system with
real support that YOU need in order to succeed..

30 days to YOUR success…

Step1. Join or Log into

step2. Go to step 3 and 4 in either path, and set up
your autoresponder and squeeze pages, this will take
you very little time. (this video shows you how easy
it is :


Step3. Go to step 5 in either path and start building
daily website traffic to your new squeeze pages we have
created for you.

Spend at least $25 on paid traffic, and earn free
traffic everyday by using safelist and traffic exchanges.

Thats it..Now just keep building daily traffic..

Now if you follow these steps and actually do them, I
guarantee you will see results in less then 30 days.

So now what is stopping you?

Do you want to get rid of your job, do you want to pay
off your bills, would you like to go on vacations?

We will be here to help you, just reach out to us and
your sponsor..There are tutorials to help you as well
in the members area, that walk you through how to set
up everything, completely step by step, we take you by
the hand and walk you through it.

Remember, taking action is the only way you will reach
your goals and dreams!

Richard Weberg
Your Eight Steps is a Done For You marketing system, that includes powerful splash pages, opt-in pages, follow up email letters and more to easily build your list and generate highly targeted leads for your business with traffic exchanges, safelists and other traffic resources.

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Referral Frenzy, get a TON of traffic delivered daily!!

April 15th, 2014 by weberg69

If you are frustrated with your advertising results, I want to share a site, Referral Frenzy with you today that has
all the right answers. I have been a upgraded member of Referral Frenzy for almost a year now, and I love the results I get using it to advertise with.

First of all, mailers and safelist do still work best for getting sign ups and earning commissions.

Referral Frenzy gives you the ability to mail to 26 top sites with one click!

Now imagine how many more people you will reach in less time, and how much better your results will be.

You get live stats for your mails results and can easily see when you can mail again.

To give you a great boost in your advertising as well you will get a monthly advertising package that you can claim in the bonus area!!

Great Sign up offers, unlimited banners and text advertising as well.

You simply haven’t been given the opportunity for success that Referral Frenzy wants to give you.

Get special Launch Prices Today and lock in a membership that will actually make a difference in your online success. will help explode your marketing and bring in more sales and commissions for your business, do not hesitate on this one, Marty Petrizza advertising sites, always rock!

Richard Weberg

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Now how can I help you the best way possible?

April 7th, 2014 by weberg69

Let me explain how I can..please read

To be honest with you the “freebie mentality” will get you no where with internet marketing. I like to call this lottery thinking.

Can you build a online business when you are unwilling to put any money in to it? The answer is absolutely not, may be a couple dollars here and there, but the time you put in, will pale in comparison to what you make, I am talking seriously, I guess if you want to put in 40 hours a week and maybe collect $50 bucks a month……??? Its not going to build up over time this way either, you wont have any momentum, and you wont keep putting in the effort, eventually you will get sick of it.

This is a real business, and if you do not treat it like one, it will never be one.

Free programs, leave people with nothing, why I created the gvo-team builder, I basically wanted to create a team of people who are serious about changing their life, not just hoping to change their life..meaning, this team is comprised of people who are willing to go after it, and understand they have to act in order for something to happen.

So with the creation of the gvo-team builder, it gives a focus to building two paid to join only programs, GVO, and Pureleverage, which are two of the highest and best paying programs online.

No tire kickers, we are serious about making you real money…were not playing around. We are simple and to the point…

Now how can I help you the best way possible?

The team-build traffic co-op, which is only a one time payment, then I go to work for you, and also use my own personal traffic to help you build your business..Why would I do this?

Because it helps me as well, many of you are in my personal downline somewhere, and if you have seen the gvo or pureleverage income plans yet, you understand that gvo and pureleverage pay out big time! In fact pureleverage pays a whopping 50% matching downline check bonus, meaning if you make $3000 they pay me $1500.00..Same will happen for you, because I am not only going to help you build downline, I am going to help your downline build downline..GET IT? 

We are leveraging the traffic with the team-builder, to build everyones downline. And if you are already a member of gvo or pureleverage that is okay to, because we still build 2 other programs together as a team, that help to teach you how to build your list, and utilize gvo and pureleverage to their fullest extent!!

I Am Going To Use My Experience And Vast Traffic Networks To Help You Build Two Of The Best, Highest Paying Programs Online.

You are not going to do this alone!

You will not find better support then this, we are truly here to help you, now dont you think its time to help yourself??

Together everyone achieves more!!

Join here:  or log in if you are already a member and take action, follow all instructions, we are here to help you. Lets get you cranking!

Dont be afraid..dont let fear stop you

Richard Weberg

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Finally powerful tools that pays YOU 100% in residual commissions!

April 4th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes, finally a dynamic powerful tools suite that pays YOU
100% in real residual commissions!

Hello Everyone,

- Does Aweber pay you for your mailing?
– Does Amazon pay you for your videos, and video storage?
– Does GoTo Meeting or Web Ex pay you for your webinars?


Do they pay you for any clients that you send there way?
(YEP like 10%…would you rather not get 100%)?

Friend just by you simply using their services you
are sending them clients and not getting paid for it!


It’s powerful profit pulling tools suite will ignite any
online business model and will save you hundreds of dollars
per month. Giving you the leading edge over any competition.

This is just some of the powerful Tools you will find in
the PureLeverage tools suite:

- complete auto responder system (with perfect inbox deliverability)
– complete video email service
– complete blogging and lead generation system
– complete webinar service
– complete video producing and video storage platform

and so much more all under one powerful marketing account!

Does PureLeverage pay?

YES! 100% commissions!

Check it out the Pureleverage Comp Plan now:


You will want to take immediate action on this serious money making GIANT!

Click below for more information and see
just how easy you can be in instant profit!


–Richard Weberg

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What Business Opportunity Would I Join & Why?

March 30th, 2014 by weberg69

I get bombarded with countless offers everyday,
for people to comp me in their biz opp if I will
promote it for them..

They skype me, email me, and yes, even get my
personal phone numbers and call me..I even get
stalkers..Yes, really..I have had several..

Sometimes its completely nuts!!

Now everyone who contacts me isn’t nuts, most are
genuine people looking for some help and
guidance, and here is what I get asked the most

What is the best Opportunity I ever Joined and

Well, I have been doing this for over ten years
now, and I have to say without a doubt..

If you took every cent I had, but you left me
with my intellect, knowledge, and skill, what
would I do?

What business or businesses would I actually join
and why? Here’s my two cents, take it for what
you find it’s worth.

If I had to start all over again, the first
business that I would eye would have to be
something that provided me with the lowest risk,
and the absolute biggest upside.

And it needs to provide you with the most
important tools for making money online..

A autoresponder and web hosting..See without
these two tools you can not make money while you
are sleeping or while you are mowing your lawn,
these two tools work for you 24/7…

So what program online offers these two tools
with no risk and is backed by the biggest and
best marketers?

This little baby right here..

and has a $1 sign up..Try it for seven days, do
you know how easy it is to promote that offer,
and make a killing..Pretty simple!

Especially when the company will pay you $100 for
every 5 $1 trials you bring in a week.

Seriously, the owner knows how to market, and
when people are making money, its a no-brainer!
They keep promoting..

This by far the best offer online..

If you know that this tool is the one thing that
every marketer MUST have and will never stop
paying for then the question that should come to
your mind is…

What’s the best paying autoresponder, and how can
I get it in front of as many people as humanly

Its right here..

See, once they have it…

They will NEVER ever get rid of it. It’s like
giving away the bank. Its the one tool no
marketer can be without!

Now once I had these tools, I would need to know
how to drive website traffic and put it all together so I
couldnt lose, and had training I could share with
my new subscribers and signups..So where would I
go next?

Right here, definitely right here..

And then I’d hustle and tell the guy right behind me
the exact same thing.

Rinse, and repeat.

That’s what businesses I’d join and exactly why.

You can turn traffic and profits all day long
with these two programs, it wouldnt take me long
and I would be back on top making it happen, its
just one of those things, find a formula that
works, and go after it with everything you got,
and soon the cash flow is coming in, no more
worries..And Freedom to do the things you always
wanted to do..

See you soon..
Richard Weberg

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Even free members get monthly ad packages

March 28th, 2014 by weberg69

My good friend Bo Tipton has just launched Surf Girl Traffic, his own
mailer and traffic exchange in one program,
and this one dares to be different!

Bo has been marketing online for a long time,
and will always over deliver, his new marketing
site Surf Girl Traffic, you will be able to depend on to deliver results!

You can:

* Earn upgrades by referring
* Trade your credits for advertising
* Even free members get monthly ad packages
* Earn cash in the PTC area
* 5 second surf
* Cash solo ads
* Credit mailer

Get your free ad pack today, and see what
Surf Girl Traffic can do for you.

Use promo code: attheend and get more traffic!

Richard Weberg

p.s. SurfGirlAds are sold by number of clicks,
not number of views! Your credits will last

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Explosive Traffic Credit Sale, Limited Time!

March 26th, 2014 by weberg69

Hello Everyone, Real quick post, I wanted to pass this on if you were not aware of it, or not yet a member. Explosive traffic is having a huge traffic sale, get thousand of visitors for pennies.

Right now you can buy 25,000 Credits for $17! This is 25,000 visitors to your sites!

100,000 Credits for $37!

I just bought 100,000 credits for the Gvo-teambuilder for us,
this is dirt cheap, I wouldnt hesitate on this offer it will be gone very soon, great way to expose your business fast, I am also an upgraded member there. You can find it here:

When opportunity presents it self take action!!

Richard Weberg

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Get Fresh New Leads Every Day From Fastlistmailer..Fast!

March 21st, 2014 by weberg69

Hello and hope everyone is having a good day!

Thought I would pass this on today..
My good friend Kenny Kolijn ,owner of Banner Ads That Pay
is launching this cool viral mailer.

Have you seen it already?

It’s called… Fast List Mailer
and that name really is SPOT ON.

There will be many new people joining FastListMailer everyday,

Fast List Mailer will be a very good converting traffic source for you, so hurry and

get your ads out.


You’re in good hands here and I’m
pretty sure you’ll love this one
and never want to skip a mailing!

Early Birds get 2.00 CASH
and advertising credits !

Full Fast List Mailer Bonus Details:

- 2.00 Cash
- 500 mailing credits
- 1000 banner impressions
- 1000 text ad impressions
- 1000 square banners – WOW!

==> Use Promo code NEWMEMBER

Happy Advertising with Fast List Mailer!

Richard Weberg

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How well does Youreightsteps really work?

March 13th, 2014 by weberg69

Extremely well!

I did this video in January, but we have had a lot of new members join since I did it, and the information in it is extremely important. And shows how well Youreightsteps really does work..

Remember me and Brenda build our business the same way you do, we advertise our squeeze pages(opt-in pages), with the same traffic sources we share with you, and promote Youreightsteps. The system we teach is exactly what we do. We have downline integrity, we do not send our own links to your downline in emails, we have no outside advertisements on our pages, every program in Youreightsteps is in a downline builder for you to make money with and build residual traffic.

Most people trying to make it online, give up way to soon, they never see things through, making a commitment to yourself that you will keep going on even when things get tough, is one of the most important things you can do.

Commit yourself to learning and growing, that is how you will make it!

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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Here is one thing EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to do today..

March 12th, 2014 by weberg69

Seriously, please watch this video, really listen to it, shut off all distractions and hear everything I am saying, we really want you to win!

This is not the same video from the other day..


This is very important!!

Richard Weberg And Brenda de Reus

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