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Can You Answer Some Questions For Me…Truthfully?

August 13th, 2014 by weberg69

Let me ask you some questions, what do you think is
holding you back the most from succeeding online?

1. Building your list?

2. Sales, actually selling people?

3. The technical aspect?

4. Talking to people?

5. Time to write emails and convert your prospects?

6. No body is interested in your offer?

Or if you have had some success already, what is
stopping you from making say 10 or 20k a month online?

1. Your sales funnel dosnt convert like you thought it

2. You cant afford a sales team to call your leads?

3. Your support sucks because your tired of talking to
people and can not afford a support staff?

4. Your trying to sell your prospects one product
after another, and dont have a real clue what you are
doing, sometimes you make good money and other times
you make hardly nothing?

Is any of this sounding familiar?

What if there was a real time proven system, that did
all those things above for you, including getting in
contact with every one of your leads and personally
talked to each and every one of them for you? And the
customer was yours for life, meaning any other product
they ever buy, you get the commission for..

..And all you had to do was learn how to and focus on
one task, drive traffic to your pages..nothing
else..And you could earn commissions of 1,000, 3,000
and 5,000 dollar commissions..

Is there really such a system?

Yes, I have been marketing online now over ten years,
and I can tell you, that this is no lie, no hype, no
bs..And people who are using this system are making an
absolute killing!!

Why because the whole thing is run for you by people
who are making 6 and 7 figures, that are extreme
professionals, and have the real resources and money
to have put this all together..I was completely blown
away, after I went through the 21 steps, and realized
everything they do, that I use to try and do almost
entirely by myself!

What a fricken relief! This system now gives the
newbie, the experienced pro, the technically
challenged, the challenged on time, the ability to
make absolutely a massive income for doing a tenth of
the work.

Finally a system, with no empty promises,
actually do everything they say they will. Do not
expect this process to be the same as any other
program or product online you have been involved with,
you will not even get access to all the steps until,
you actually make contact with one of your business

Richard Weberg

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Easy Sketch Pro…Watch This Amazing Piece of Software in Action!

August 11th, 2014 by weberg69

Easy Sketch Pro…Truly Amazing Software…

How Do You Get Noticed In The Middle Of Six Billion (and counting) Websites? If you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to get the same results…

Over the years, I have promoted, sold and attracted traffic online through all the traditional methods. Just like you have.
You name it, I’ve done it, one way or another. However, when I started communicating via the powerful and compelling approach that Easy Sketch Pro offers, then things really took off; I mean, sales and conversions went through the roof and sales sky rocketed…


Easy Sketch Pro…can help any marketer build more traffic, get higher conversion and more sales faster then ever..Its just that good!

See what others are saying about it…

easy sketch pro

Grab your copy of this amazing software now 
Click here now>>> Easy Sketch Pro

Richard Weberg

Richard Weberg

P.S. Make sure you watch all the videos on this page now

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Is it Really Possible To Make $10K Per Month in 3 Months…?

August 10th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes, it is, and it has happened for many people who are involved with Mobe/My Top Tier Business

…yes you read that correctly but of course I don’t expect you to just take my word for it!

mobe/my top tier business testimonial

Watch All The Proof Here Now:

In the video you will see all the proof you will ever need to be convinced that this WILL work for you too, just like the
real Mobe youtube video testimonials on this page above..

The video will explain everything, and how you can have the same thing happen for you, can you

imagine if next month your commissions were $10,000, how would your life change?

I’m not sure how long they will keep this open for so please watch this now:


Richard Weberg

P.S. Just Imagine this happening to you…Because it can with Mobe/My Top Tier Business.

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I have decided to join MOBE/My Top Tier Business..Here is why I Did

August 7th, 2014 by weberg69

Okay friends, it is true I been watching MOBE/My Top
Tier Business for a while now, and talking to people
who are having, EXTREME SUCCESS with it, and that is
no understatement.

I have watched their business model, and everything
they are doing, is totally different then any other I
have seen online. They do something very unique, they
are like us here at YourEightSteps, where we actually
care about your success.

So those of you on my personal list and my blog readers

are the first who are seeing this offer.

Now they go a step further then any business does
online, they actually assign you two coaches at
different points in the process, and you will talk to
them live, on the phone, and or skype and by email.
They have built an extremely successful business
model, that is yielding very high conversions. They
have the resources to be able to do this..

So I am SUPER EXCITED to be on board and am proud to
be a member of this organization, they are light years
a head of all other business models online. So this
will be a nice addition to our YourEightSteps system
for those of you on my list that have joined us there already.

I will be
promoting this to all of my fellow subscribers,
partners and friends, and I wouldnt if I didnt think
it would benefit us all. I do not join anything in
haste, I have very strict standards before I join
anything or promote it to anyone else.

So now I am asking you to join me and partner up with
this exciting opportunity, this is where you will
start making some really big commissions, they even
guarantee if you do not start making money after you
complete the 21 steps, that they will pay you $500..

Do not expect this process to be the same as any other
business online, you will not even get access to all
the steps until, you actually speak to one of your

Richard Weberg

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My 4 Success Steps “Dirty Little Secrets For Success”

August 7th, 2014 by weberg69

There is 4 things I focus on everyday to build my
business, these are the 4 most important factors for
having success. If you do not do these you will not
have success. And you would swear that these 4 steps,
were like a dirty little secret, because of how so
many people fail to do them.

I have been doing this now over ten years, do you
think I might know what I am talking about?

4 Daily Task that will ensure your success.

1. Build daily traffic, using both free and paid
traffic so your squeeze pages get seen 24/7. This is
critical, free traffic alone is not enough, unless you
want to wait 5 years before you make any real money.

(so this is my first focus, is testing and finding
good traffic sources)

2. You must be using this traffic to build your opt-in
list, so make sure you are sending your free and paid
traffic to your squeeze pages, otherwise known as your
opt-in pages. This is the most important task you can
do, if your not building your list using an
autoresponder, you are failing…

(this is my second focus send my traffic to my squeeze
pages, build my list)

3. I direct my new leads, otherwise called
subscribers, or opt-ins people who have joined my
list, to my main funnels or system(YourEightSteps).

(this is my third priority, put people into my main
funnel or system to help teach them this whole
process, it has to be a funnel that has duplication,
and builds multiple income streams “YourEightSteps”)

4. Follow through, Follow through… This is actually
the most important part of the process, but relies on
the other three to be able to even do this part,
because you cant follow through if you do not have a

(the follow through is where you build a relationship
with the people on your list, become friends with
them, help them, offer them ways to contact you, I
have become very good friends with people over the
years because of this process. You should be emailing
your list daily.)

**Very, EXTREMELY important**
I do not sit around and
focus on what people I put on my list or sponsor into
YourEightSteps do or dont do..NEVER, I only focus on
the 4 task, thats it! When you focus on those 4
things, you will naturally find the go getters, the
all stars, the people with incredible energy and
passion..This is when your business will finally
explode when you realize, its all up to you, no one
else, it dosnt matter if your downline are lazy and
dont do anything, because when you keep going and
focus on those 4 things, the cream will rise to the
top and follow you..Dont wait on anyone else, its your
life, now get on with it!!

Now if you focus on these 4 actions everyday, you will
have success. How much success and how fast, will be
determined how you treat this process..

Are you treating this like a real business?

Do you have some skin in the game, meaning are you
invested, do you have something to lose if you do not
go to work in your business everyday? What
committments have you made to force you to set aside
time to make this all work?

Or are you doing this when ever you feel like it?

This will be the difference between succeeding and

If you dont have anything to lose, frankly you will
give a crap less if you do anything or not, and thats
exactly why you will fail and get nothing out of doing

See I made a decision when I first started I was going
to make this work no matter what, and I was going to
work it like my life depended upon it!

And my life did depend on it, I hated working for
someone else, I woke up every morning with a pit in my
stomach..I didnt want to be in debt anymore, I didnt
want to live paycheck to paycheck…I couldnt stand
getting up in 25 below 0 weather to go to work..

And I absolutely hated not having the time to truly do
the things I wanted to do with my family and
friends..Because I was always working…It sucked!

Any of this sounding familiar to you?

Are there any changes you wish you could make in your
own life?

Well through internet marketing anything is
possible..I havnt worked a job in years now, I no
longer have to get up and go work for someone else, I
can get up any time I please…This is one of my
favorite parts of being financially free..My time is
mine, I decide now what I do and when..

You can to!!

Focus on those 4 things above everyday, get committed,
put some skin in the game, so you work your business
like your life depends on it, and someday you will be
financially free!!

Do not get side tracked going after new shiny objects,
those 4 things above will set you free, you do those 4
things right, you can build any program or business
online and make a killing with it!!

Log in and or join if you have not yet. take action, focus
and change your life, once and for all..YourEightSteps
teaches you those 4 things, you dont need to get
bogged down doing other stuff, you need to build a
massive list first and foremost…This is what will
set you free.

The faster and bigger you build your list, the faster
your success and income will come.

Richard Weberg

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The Purpose Of Email Marketing And The Importance Of Setting Goals

August 1st, 2014 by weberg69

In this video I am going to talk to you about the importance of email marketing, and why it is the most important process you can do to make money online. This video I just did, is super important and will give you the keys to successfully drive your business to incredible new heights..

Please watch this with no distractions, I dont want you to miss one single word of it, you will be very surprised with the total content of this video in the last half of it, as well as in the beginning.

Email is still the most powerful way to communicate online, hence why email marketing is still the most effective way to build your business online! Email marketing is also referred to as list building.

I say this again, this is the most important marketing activity one can do to make money online. Do not take this process lightly! This is the most important! Get this wrong and you won’t make any money, NO MATTER WHAT you are trying to promote!

What is Email Marketing??

It is a way for you to acquire a lead and communicate with that lead over and over again, without any further cost of money or time. How does this happen? Through the use of an autoresponder and a sales or squeeze page.

The biggest mistake most want to be marketers make, is trying to directly promote an affiliate page or product offering page without having them first sign up to their email marketing list.

The proper way to advertise and build your list, is to send people to a page first that is tied into the autoresponder you are using, meaning it has a form on it (commonly referred to as a opt-in page or squeeze page), where people put in their name and email address so they can get more information sent to them, then they get redirected to the affiliate page or product offering. Now if they do not join or buy from you immediately, you can now follow up with them anytime you wish, as long as they remain on your list you can contact them.

If you would like further help then join my marketing newsletter here.

Its extremely important to me, to give you great information, I want you to reach your dreams and
goals, and believe that you are ready for the most crucial pieces of the puzzle.

Richard Weberg

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Two Crazy 16 Year Olds, Came Up With A Crazy Marketing Idea…

July 21st, 2014 by weberg69

I am very proud of my son Jon Weberg, him and his business partner Parc Chamernick,

they have just launched their own internet marketing program, Marketing Mastery Elite.

I know how much work it can be to get one off the ground and running from my own experiences.

The cool part is they are only 16 years old..When I was 16 I had other things on my mind and it wasnt opening a business..

Very proud of you son!!

So today wanted to share with everyone my sons new site,  Marketing Mastery Elite..


You will be able to learn how to use Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other forms of social media to market your business.

Today is the first day of their launch, and so far its been a huge success..

Dont miss out on this HUGE opportunity to be in first in Marketing Mastery Elite and ride the wave of excitement!

Sign up now and join us and start making huge commissions..


Richard Weberg




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“Beyond the Hype” is LIVE soon log in now!! We start at 8pm Eastern!

July 15th, 2014 by weberg69


Just a reminder that our get together starts in just under
2 hours at 8m Eastern time!!

Log in now to reserve your seat!


Below is the email I sent earlier today!


You spoke and we are listening..

I admit, there are a lot of excited people with the
the launch of our Facebook Instant Income System.

And I also admit, with excitement comes “Hype”

And with “hype” comes skepticism..

So if you have some free time tonight at 8pm Eastern
please join us for a LIVE interactive webinar :-)

We will have a very special guest with Terry Anglin
and Mark Call..

It is our V.P. of technology Richard Sedlak

What are we are going to do it take you “Beyond the Hype”
and show that we are ..

>> A REAL Company
>> With REAL Products
>> With REAL Customers (not just distributors)
>> With an AMAZING and REAL opportunity!

Do not get me wrong, excitement and hype are
a GREAT thing..

Provided they are backed by a REAL company
with REAL products and GOOD people!

Make sense?

Tonight Tuesday July 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern


“Beyond the Hype” come and meet our team!
To get the most out of tonight’s webinar please follow these
simple steps:

Step 1. Make sure you are a FREE member of our Facebook Group here

Step 3. Be sure to join us LIVE right here at 8pm Eastern time!

This is truly exploding, dont miss out!!
Richard Weberg

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Do You Use Facebook, Do you need $500.00?

July 12th, 2014 by weberg69

Your time has come…

Your ship has came in..

Do you use facebook?

Over a billion people do…

So this is the most simple system online you will ever see..

Thats right, and if you can post to facebook, then this will make you money..

Seriously, get in now, it hasnt even fully launched yet..

This is pre-launch, and you can get in first..

Just click this link below and follow the steps now!


The first contest is the Daily $500.00 Cash Contest


1. $500.00 Instant Paid Daily!

The top reseller to bring in the most resellers on a daily basis will get $500 paid to them the following day.

(You must bring in a minimum of 4 resellers per day) This contest will run from July 10th to July 31st 2014


The second contest is for the top 10 finishers.


2. In addition to the daily contest the top 10 affiliates who bring in the most resellers will get:

1. First Prize $4000
2. Second Prize $2500
3. Third $1000
4. $1,000
5. $  750
6. $  500
7. $  500
8. $  500
9. $  500
10. $ 500

I am all ready on board, and waiting to help you get started, finally success is in your reach.

This is the best facebook marketing system I have ever seen!

 Invite people yo join our facebook group and make money, it dosnt get any simpler then that…


Richard Weberg

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We want you on our TEAM..Things are getting CRAZY!

June 26th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes, we are exploding with growth and would love to have you join us,

very exciting times here for Youreightsteps members, we are absolutely

growing by leaps and bounds, and am super excited for future growth for our members!

 Come join us and finally succeed online, we want you to join us, and we will help and support you..


Joanne Toydemir After working online a few years, I discovered Richard’s blog and writings online and I thoroughly believe YourEightSteps was formed from his heart to dedicate his efforts to help others understand the how to’s to reach onlline success, Upon joining YourEightSteps, I found both he and Brenda highly responsive to my many queries and I highly applaud them both for their professionalism and expertise! One can truly trust their marketing system, skills and tools essential to branding yourself and your business.


Carl Davies That is pure value and love this system. You’re over delivering in a big way. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us build over business online…


George Coppola To continue “Your Eight Steps” is a quick education to this world of Online Marketing. Richard has the ability; must professional ; warm personality as a mentor role in teaching .Thank you

George Coppola I am considered a Newbie to the world of Online Marketing, however after signing up with Richard and Brenda who by the way are two of the most kind people you want to meet.


Okay, we are offering something totally different and we are kicking butt, why because we actually do help people, I am very proud to say..I dont want to be put into a class of non responsive owners or admins who do not help people.


We love our members, and together we are achieving great things!!


Richard Weberg

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