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Would You Like For Me To Build You A Paying Downline?

December 10th, 2014 by weberg69

Richard Weberg is going to place paid members in YOUR downline,
yes thats me, and I am really going to do this..That is if you
want me to??

There is a program called Four Corners Alliance that I recently
became involved in, It has one of the best low entry points
compensation plan, I have ever seen, backed by a very dedicated
and committed company.

You can actually turn a one-time $18 payment into huge
commissions very fast!!

And I will help you do it…

Would You Like My Help, Where It Counts The Most, in your pocket

Why The Four Corners Alliance program has been so

1. Low entry point, only $18.00, Affordable for anyone

2. It is a one-time payment, no further out of pocket expenses.

3. It self funds into higher commissions, by using your
commissions automatically to buy the next product level. This
gets you into bigger commissions without you having to spend any
more money out of your pocket.

4. Four Corners Alliance has Excellent Financial literacy products.

5. A genius lucrative compensation plan, that actually works.
Four Corners Alliance was launched in March of 2013.

This is not a hyip, or cycler..Its a real program with real
products, with only a onetime $18 cost, that self funds into the
higher levels with your commissions earned.. See why more than
30 top internet marketers got together to create a FOOL-PROOF
plan to get you to Financial Freedom in just 6 to 12 weeks
starting with just $18!

I have set up a complete funnel to place paid members under you
in Four Corners Alliance, and
train everyone of them as well..

Do not delay, WATCH the video now, and get started..Before I
send this to all my marketing list..

I have 12 years experience in online marketing, you will get
sign ups, I guarantee it!!

Richard Weberg

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Exciting NEW Traffic Exchange Launching, Quality Page Views !

November 25th, 2014 by weberg69

Whether your new to Traffic exchanges or an experienced pro, you should take advantage of this traffic exchange launch..

Vern Chumbley owner at Smiley Traffic is launching a Brand New Traffic Exchange. It’s
called Quality Page Views.


If you know anything about Smiley Traffic, you know it is one of
the largest traffic exchanges online today, been around since 2004,
Its his personal goal to make it the largest TE using the LFMTE Script,
which is very attainable for him! For those of you who do not know, LFMTE
is one of the most popular traffic exchange scripts used by traffic exchange owners.

What does this mean for you? Tons of people joining and viewing
your sites, banners, and text ads…Sign ups and sales is what
you want right?

Vern is relentless with his advertising efforts and Quality Page
Views will be a Monster Advertising Resource.

I love supporting active owners, because an active owner means
an active program. And more sales and sign ups for you!

Official Launch is tomorrow, but you can already join, so get in
before the masses! And yes, there will be masses!

I would highly recommend grabbing the QPV Extreme Upgrade. The
benefits are going to be Monstrous! One of the benefits is
random referrals and Vern will be unleashing a truckload of ads
in the next few days, over 50 million ads!

Don’t Wait on this one, Join me Today, click the link below!

To your success and happiness
Richard Weberg

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How To Succeed and Make Money In Online Marketing

November 8th, 2014 by weberg69

I Guarantee After Watching This Video, You Will Change How You Market Online!

**Bookmark It, Watch It Now, Do Not Let Another Second Go By Without Learning This**

I am being very serious here, if you are struggling online
at all to make money, then make sure to absolutely watch and
listen to this entire video..

This will save you years of struggling, and help you to not
be one of the failures statistics online.

This is stuff YOU MUST KNOW!

Get rid of all the distractions so you can pay very close
attention. There is information in this video that every
marketer needs to hear, it does not matter what you are
promoting, every bit of the information in this video will
help you to succeed online..

It took me years to learn some of this stuff, that does not
have to happen to you..

I look forward to your Success..And you making as much money as you desire!


Richard Weberg

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Why Bad Website Traffic Can Kill Your Business

November 4th, 2014 by weberg69

Perry Marshall is one of my favorite online marketing experts. Perry made his
fame as the “Adwords Guy”. He literally wrote the book on pay-per-click (PPC)
advertising, The Guide to Google Adwords.

The guy knows PPC traffic.

But, if you sign up for his Adwords email training course, one of the first messages you
get is about all the OTHER kinds of traffic that you should consider…how you shouldn’t
assume that Adwords is the best -or even a good- source of traffic for you.

Why would the “Google Adwords Guy” want to steer you away from Google Adwords?

Because he knows that not all traffic is created equal. For some businesses,
even if they followed every piece of advice Perry gives in his book, Google Adwords
might STILL be a prohibitively expensive, low-converting traffic source.

Same thing with Facebook
Same thing with Youtube
And on and on.

It’s easy to waste hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on
poor traffic if you don’t do your due diligence up front.

Traffic is absolutely essential to the success of your online business, but
deciding which traffic sources are the best for YOUR business can be tricky
to say the least.

So, how do you decide which traffic source is best for your business?

Well, here’s how Matt Lloyd, CEO of MTTB, did it…

He asked his top affiliates.

Matt simply looked at the affiliates who were generating the most sales
in MTTB and said, “How are you generating such highly profitable traffic?”

He has incontrovertible proof that their website traffic secrets work. It’s right
there in the commission statements.

These are not traffic gurus whose methods may or may not work for you.
These are affiliates who have earned as much as $1.1 Million from their traffic

The method works. Period.

So, if you’d like to know the traffic secrets that have already been proven
to work in home businesses like MTTB, check out Traffic Masters Academy here:


Blowing money on the wrong kind of traffic is probably the number one reason
most online businesses fail. Don’t pay the “stupidity tax”. Get smart here.

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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Where do you find the extra money to build your internet business??

October 28th, 2014 by weberg69

When I first started marketing online, I had an extremely tight budget, because I had just went through a failed offline business and literally lost everything I owned.

Our local economy tanked, I owned a couple retail stores, our mall became a barren wasteland. I live in a very small community in Northern Minnesota that is totally driven by the mining industry, when it is doing bad, the whole area where I live then does bad, it trickles down to almost every business.

I actually got my start in online marketing because I was going back to school online, because my wife at the time was going to school offline, and one of us needed to stay home and watch the kids. So while doing some school work online I ran across an ad like many of you have, and we were desperate at the time, and now living in welfare housing because of losing everything. We were starting completely over. So I was looking for something I could do, while at home to make some extra money..

But I had no budget barely to get started with..But I was desperate to get out of this situation, and change our lives..I didnt want my family to live in welfare housing, I felt like a complete failure..And I didn’t want this to happen again..

So I made a decision to find the money I needed to get started, so I could change this, it was to much pain to be in this situation..

Here is what I did to find the extra money to build my internet business..

I warn you, it was drastic in most peoples eyes..

I sold my TV set, and shut off cable…YEP, very first thing I did..I was once the same as everyone else, even though I just lost everything I owned, and was living in welfare housing, I still made sure we had cable, I mean who can live without cable tv right?? Well I decided it was time to get serious and change my life, now I had more time as well, had no more tv to watch..How many hours do you spend in front of your tv?

The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results! Now isn’t this what most of us do, we keep doing the same thing over and over again..Like, we go home to work, home to work, home to work, and some how we think things will get better, and they never do, but we are expecting things to change…Right??

Selling my TV, gave me $175.00 and shutting off cable gave me 35$ a month to get me started with my online marketing, I was excited, the dream was alive and well, I had opportunity!! My wife wasn’t excited about getting rid of the tv..I told her, well what is going to change if we do not? We can either watch tv and stay broke, or do something to change our lives..I think the biggest part for her was, is she didn’t have faith in me anymore because of my failed offline business, that got us into this situation in the first place..

But see I still had faith in me, I made a commitment, that no matter what happened, no matter what obstacles I would face, I would keep going, I seen other people get rich online, and if they could do it, so could I!! So I looked for more ways to cut our expenses so I could use the money to invest in more traffic and build my online business, I was doing this hell or high water!!

Finding money was easy, I had a bad habit of buying a bottle of pop everyday, that cost like $50 a month, I stopped buying stuff from convenience stores, gas was the only thing I would purchase from them. Everything a convenience store has you can get cheaper elsewhere..I found lots of bad spending habits that freed up plenty of money, and things we could temporarily live without..

The biggest thing I did, was made a decision, that decision is what helped me find the money. I can not convince you to put money into your business, but just realize its your future not mine. I made my own decision, I do what ever it takes to get me and my family the things we want. And I go after it with everything I have..No one or nothing will stop me, but that was my decision, you will have to make your own.

This is a really awesome video below, I hope you take the time to watch. And I hope the information I provided here today, will help you to make a decision to change your own life for the better. You may not be able to relate to the situation I went through over 10 years ago, but you will have your own story to create, based on your circumstances. I am just trying to help you get to your own DECISION.

Richard Weberg
YourEightSteps Marketing System

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“Can YOU Be Successful Online, Will You Be One Of The LUCKY Ones?”

October 27th, 2014 by weberg69

Well, let me tell you a little story first..

My youngest son John, who is now 16 years old, has his own online business, Marketing Mastery Elite, actually he owns an LLC, limited liability company and him and his 16 year old business partner figured this out on their own. I never helped them one bit form the LLC.

When John was around 9 or 10 he started asking me questions about my marketing activities online. He would some time watch over my shoulder from the background, which I did not know he was doing..

Well one day, he was on the computer and I asked him what he was doing because I seen he was logged into some of the same marketing sites I use to drive traffic with, and he told me he was driving traffic to a gaming site he created..I was like..WHAT..huh??

You created your own site, how in the heck did you do that?

He said I will show you, then he proceeded to show me how..Because at the time, I didn’t even know how to create my own sites, and I had been marketing online a little over 4 years at this point..

I was completely blown away, and very proud of him of course. The other thing I asked was, did you log into my traffic generating accounts, I was about to tell him to not do that because he could mess something for me, when he said..No, I created my own accounts..WOW, I never showed you how to do this, how did you figure out how to use them?? He said, I just learned how..I learned a little from you, but mostly I just figured it out on my own..Its not hard he said.

I walked away in amazement, because he was only 9 or 10 at the time. A few days later, I was invited to the school for one of the projects the class was working on, it was about your heritage, and family tree. So when it came time for John to do his show and tell, I was expecting, like a hold up items and share some stories about them..But to my amazement and disbelief it was a power point presentation, complete with slides, the whole shaBANG!

I still do not know how to do one!!

Now fast forward roughly 6 years, and John like I said now 16 years old, has a successful online business, and owns a LLC, Did I help him set this all up?

NO..I am to busy with my own online businesses. I gave them some advice here and there, and wrote a couple pieces of content for them. But other then that they set everything up, created it all, and created a membership database, and wrote all the coding. Some of the stuff they have done, I still can not do, because me and the tech side of this online stuff are not friends..I love writing content, copy-writing, driving traffic, and working on the conversion end.

So whats the point of my story?

YES…Anyone can be successful online, if my son could do it at 9 or 10 years old..Remember what I said he told me..I just learned it and it wasn’t hard..Those that want to be successful will learn it..There is no luck involved, you will not have to know how to do everything, there are plenty of programs and tools, that can do what you can not and fill in the gaps. But the basics everyone needs to learn how to do, anyone can and have success.

You just have to decide like my son did, and follow through with your plan, and pursue your goals and dreams. My son does what successful people do, they read success stories, watch and listen to motivating individuals to get his mind set right. When someone tells him he can not do something he makes sure to prove them wrong. He doesn’t let obstacles get in his way, thats how he created Marketing Mastery Elite..I really want you to understand that I have given complete strangers online more marketing help, then I have given to my son John, yes my son John is very intelligent, but it is his determination and focus to succeed at what ever he does that drives him to learn and do on his own. He has never wanted anyone to tell him, you are only successful because your Dad helped you. This is what I want you to take away from this blog post, is that ANYONE CAN HAVE SUCCESS ONLINE OR with anything they do, ALL they HAVE TO DO IS DECIDE that they will be successful and they will be, there is no LUCK involved!

This is his latest quote he created “Your attitude is not defined by your life, Your life is defined by your attitude” John Weberg

You can visit Marketing Mastery Elite by clicking here.

Richard Weberg

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Why do so many people fail to make money online??

October 26th, 2014 by weberg69

As most of you know, I am always testing website traffic and setting goals..This month I have been buying lots of solo ads, and actually I made it a goal to buy one solo ad a day and add $15,000 dollars to my monthly income..

Obviously the more traffic you have going to your squeeze pages, the more opt-ins you will get, and the more sales you will have or commissions earned..And buying traffic is your fastest way to big results. I build a plan around my goals, and then I stick to the plan.

There are other free traffic strategies that will give you more long term results, but it will take time to see your effort turn into money..I use both free and paid traffic, and have several traffic strategies working for me all at once.

This then brings in traffic to my opt-in pages 24/7 365 days a year..

Remember these stats, 90% of all internet marketers fail to make any money online, they may make 20 bucks here or there, but they fail to produce anything realistic. Only 10% succeed to make real money, and about 5% make somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000 yearly, and the other 5% make a 100,000 plus into millions of dollars a year.

You may be asking why is the success rate so low??

Well, because most people do not buy much traffic, and they do not set goals or have any kind of written plan, a road map tononeed where they want to go..So they wander aimlessly around every month with no direction of how to get from point a to point b.

Moving from a complete zero to $10k per year is definitely the most difficult milestone to reach. This is where understanding and getting the process down is taking place, developing a plan and sticking with it. (Most people never make it to 10k yearly, because they refuse to follow a proven path, and they do only what they feel they should, they side step the most important parts like buying traffic and building their list, so they never make it.)

Going From $10k Per Year To $50k Per Year will be a whole lot easier, because now you know what you are doing, you will be in the stage of fine tuning your process..You understand how well paid traffic can move you from point a to point b..

Going From $50k Per Year To $100k Per Year

This is probably the easiest stage to complete, as you’ll already have a proven sales process in place which is converting really well – meaning growing your business from this stage is simply a matter of scaling things up and magnitude.

At this point you will take $500 and turn it into $5000.00 like clockwork, and by this point you will have realized and understand that you must have magnitude, selling higher-priced offers will be the key to surpassing $100k per year before you know it, as just 50 people paying you $2,000 is $100,000 – WITHOUT including anything else from the front-end of your sales funnel.

As you build your business from 0 to 100k+ you will make many realizations along the way, and if you refuse to except them, you will never move beyond your own expectations. You will get stuck at the current level you are at…This is why so many never get to 10k because they refuse to do the necessary things they know they need to do..And eventually they quit..

Offline businesses actually have a higher success rate then online.


Number 1, they are more committed to doing “what ever it takes” in order to succeed..The reason for this is usually they have taken out a massive loan over $100,000 or more to get started, or have put up their house as collateral for the loan. So they do what ever it takes to succeed, because if they do not, they lose EVERYTHING including their home!

Number 2, they usually have a well written marketing plan they are following, they had to write it in order tochecklist get the loan to start their business. You can not get a business loan, with out writing a business plan..Make sense?

Number 3, All their hopes, dreams, and goals in life are tied into their businesses success, so they never give up, they have to much invested to quit!!

Hence lies the failure rate online…How does this happen you ask?

1. People hear about or see a ad while they are surfing online that says “Make $200 a day online, no experience needed, join for free now”

2. Then they assume they will make this money immediately, and for free, because the word free is in almost all ads online.

3. So they upgrade or buy the product for $47 monthly reluctantly..(Even though most people don’t blink an eye, spending 47$ on lottery tickets, or going out to eat) See most people have no problem spending money, but investing it is a different story, they do not understand an investment is something that will pay back eventually. An expense is something that doesn’t, but hell who can resist Mcdonalds hamburgers..But $35.00 to buy a solo ad, what are you nuts!!!

4. Then after a month or so after skimming through the training, and skipping things like getting an autoresponder or buying traffic, they ask where all their money is..How come I am not making any money?

Well the ad said, no experience needed and join for free..But what that ad really said was, come in side we will teach you how, and you can come in for right now for free, so you can see our marketing plan, and see how to use it..

It is peoples perception that leads them to failure, they perceive things that are not true. They see the word free, and think that means everything is free, and no experience means, no learning required…Really how silly is that?

5.Because a internet business takes so little money to get started, people have no commitment to what they are doing and literally have nothing to lose, so they quit with the slightest distraction or roadblock hits them..Even if you have already put $1000 into your online business..This is still not a big enough commitment, I mean come’on people spend more then that on their big screen tvs, and if it broke today they wouldn’t think twice about going out and buying another one on their credit card so they wouldnt miss their favorite tv show tonight!!

It is your perception that leads you where you go, how you think about things, what you want most, and unfortunately we live in a now society, and people expect everything to happen yesterday, they do not understand working towards something, and investing money to get there. This is the exact reason, people who have offline business experience and or have gone to college for four years, have a higher rate of success online. Because they know what investing in ones future can do.

Well, you may have a lot to think about after reading this, but I hope it helps you go from point a to point b..And gives you a better understanding on how you become successful online.

Need to go from $0 to $10k online still, click here

Need to go from $10k to $50K online still, click here

Need to go from $50K to $100k plus, click here

Richard Weberg

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Introducing Inner Circle Riches… A Fast, Easy Way to Make Money Online…

October 24th, 2014 by weberg69

While Others do the Work for you!

This has been a very exciting ride so far…Combining Inner Circle Riches with Mobe, the conversion has been off of the charts!!

Inner Circle Riches is a money-making system where you have access to a series of top quality products and high converting sales funnels to sell these front end products, including Mobe (My Top Tier Business).

So, invest in the Inner Circle Riches back end offer (Mobe) and you get high quality Internet Marketing Products that currently sell for $1997… You get the Inner Circle Riches products for free by investing into Mobe!

Use them to get traffic AND sell them as part of your own custom made sales funnel… earning multiple streams of income and thousands of dollars in commissions each month.

Not only that, but you get your own dedicated customer support team and a phone sales team will actually close the deals FOR you… so YOU don’t have to talk to anyone. All you do is promote in-demand, high quality programs and earn commissions on the sales… without the hassles of creating the products or sales funnel.

This has been the easiest fastest commissions on line I have ever made!! I love getting notifications of $1000.00 Commissions, not hard to make 10k a month with commissions like these…

With the sales funnel set up for you AND with these added marketing products you get for investing in Mobe, you can make more money without all the headaches…You dont have to do any follow or support, they do it all for you! Even though many businesses say they’re “turn key”… you still have to create products, or write copy, set up squeeze pages, or emails. Or you have to offer customer support or hire sales people.

With Inner Circle Riches and Mobe… ALL of that’s done FOR you. The only thing you need to do is send traffic, which is easy because the free products teach you how to get FLOODS of traffic!

So this really is a complete “Business in a Box”. EVERYTHING is handed to you. The products, high converting sales funnel, emails, support, even the phone sales that sell big ticket items… all working to make you money.

It truly dosnt get any easier then this..By investing in Mobe through Innercircle riches here are some of the great products you get..

1. Easy Sketch Pro

2. Pay Per Click Tsunami Training Course

3. The CPA Tsunami Training Course

Join Mobe Here Through Inner circle Riches, get a guaranteed sale in less then 14 days..Become an MLR of Mobe, this is the highest legitimate paying company online! I have made thousands from these two programs, it has been the easiest money I have ever made!!

Come Join me, and start finally knocking it out of the park!!

Richard Weberg

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Posted in Green Label

How I Got Completely Out Of Debt And Got Back My Financial Freedom..

October 23rd, 2014 by weberg69

I thought I would share this with you today, because like many people I once was consumed by debt many years ago. I know this does not have to do with online marketing per say, but it will help you, learn to get rid of some stress in your life, which will make your online marketing that much easier. This is one of the many reasons people come online to make more money, their personal debt is killing them financially..Bankruptcies in the United States alone have been at all time highs the last several years.

And more and more people are looking for a way out of their financial burden their debt has caused them..

Well this is how I did it..


The day I realized that my financial situation was spinning out of control and that I had way to much debt is the day I said 944517_f120enough is enough. I then took a piece of paper and pen with me every where I went and started writing down everything I spent money on everyday for two weeks. After the two weeks was over I sat down with my self and said self WOW, are you wasting your money foolishly, I spent half a pay check over spending on items at gas stations and out to eat food. I couldn’t believe how much money I was just throwing out the window! On top of that I have a bad habit (that I wasn’t about to quit yet for the sake of debt) I chew snuff, that was costing me $6.57 a day times 30 days equals 200 bucks a month! Watching for two weeks how I spent my money also made me realize how I put on all my extra weight over the years, gas stations and out to eat food. I was spending on average $25.00 dollars a day between bottles of pop, cans of snuff, out to eat lunches, snacks and other miscellaneous items from gas stations, that is around 750.00 dollars a month on peer junk plus I was slowly getting fat! This was only the beginning of my calculations I forgot to tell you I have a wife and three kids who spend money too.

How I started to save money

I decided from here on out I was going to stop over spending and get out of debt I also decided I was going to lead my family by example. I would learn how to control my spending habits before I would even worry about what everybody else in the family was spending money on. My first step I took to get out of debt was writing down all the ways I could save money.

1. Start buying groceries for my lunches and snacks I was no longer going to eat out or eat fast food for lunch anymore.

2. Start a garden, I got three benefits out of this, healthy food, exercise and saved a boat load of money.

3. Find a generic snuff I could buy that was cheaper (since I wasn’t ready to stop chewing yet)

4. Dont buy any items from a gas station that I could get at a discount store, buy only gas

5. Make my kids lunches instead of giving them money (this way they also ate healthier)

6. Stop drinking pop, (this was a hard one…I was addicted to it, it took a couple weeks to stop feeling tired and for the headaches to go away but they did

7. Save going out for dinner for special occasions and teach my kids how to cook

It wasn’t easy but I accomplished all the things on my list in about three months, it was a relief I actually had some extra 944515_f120money and I didn’t have to demand anybody in the family to cut spending money or anything like that, they just started following my example. It might have been the 25 pounds I lost in three months or my being less stressed out and happier but we all started being more conscious of how we spent are money and what we ate. And I had more money to use to invest in my online business to grow my income, I was able to buy more website traffic, and started making money faster online. My spending habits had been killing me two ways before, and now I was finally going in the right direction.

Paying Off My Debt

The Next step I took in my quest to get out of debt was writing a list of every place I owed money to and how much the monthly payment was. It looked something like the list below.

1. Mortgage $700.00 Monthly Balance $98,000

2. Car Payment $350 $12,000

3. Improvement loan $150 $6,500

4. Credit card1 $75 $2,500

5. Credit card2 $100 $4,700

6. and so on and so on….

I then made a budget I could live by, and started paying some of the extra money I was saving from my first steps I took to eliminate debt, and paid the extra money on the lowest balanced item in my list until it was paid off. I just kept moving from lowest balance to next lowest balance until I got to my house payment and by that time I had enough extra money to start tripling my house payment. I stuck to my budget and any extra money I made from anything else went straight to getting out of debt or growing my income online, I no longer spent money foolishly. It was really amazing how fast I was able to get completely out of debt. Today I don’t buy anything minor on credit, if I cant afford it I make it a goal and save enough money to pay for it in full. Not only in the process did I get out of debt, but I also amassed quite a nice nest egg because of this strategy.

The one thing I have to say is these are not all my ideas I got them from reading books if their is one thing I can promote to you is to read, information is power it not only reinforces what you are trying to accomplish but it inspires ideas. There are many ways to save money and ideas for getting out of debt, you have to do what works best for you. I have also realized through my debt reduction plan that most people don’t realize where they waste the most money is through everyday expenditures.

I once counseled a couple, and looked at their finances and what they were spending their money on, and they were absolutely amazed on how they wasted their money on nothing. They were always struggling, and never had enough money to pay their bills. They were like I was, and they were spending most of their budget on convenience items and going out to eat everyday. They didn’t think that spending $35 a day for out to eat food was very bad, but when you take that times 30 days in a month, that’s over $1050.00 a month to go out to eat!! They never had ever added it up, and just didn’t think about it. Lets say you buy a bottle of soda pop at $1.87 everyday, that alone is $56.10 a month. So what if you changed that to twelve packs of pop, and only drank one can a day. If the twelve pack of pop cost $5.95 and you buy three in a month, that only cost you $17.85 a month, and you now saved $38.25 monthly or $459 yearly! Think about the couple now if they stopped going out to eat everyday, and made their meals at home, easily a $400 savings in a month, take that times 12 months and they will save $4800.00!!

That’s the power of keeping a budget and sticking to it, then use that money you are saving to pay off debt, and create more income, such as I did online, I invested my savings in my online business and was able to grow it ten times as fast, all while paying down my debt..


1. You are what you do daily.
2. You first form your habits; then your habits form you.
3. It’s just as easy to form habits of success as it is to form habits of failure.


This is how you become financially free, and finally do the things in life you really want to, like going on vacation 4 or 5cash1 times in a year, buying new cars and paying cash for them, adding on to your home…Think of the stress that gets lifted when debt is going down, and your income is rising…Because your no longer spending it foolishly..

Just like everything worth doing, it wont be easy to start and commit to, but will be extremely worth it!!

Hope this helps out..
Until next time
Richard Weberg


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Are you failing the right or WRONG WAY!

October 22nd, 2014 by weberg69

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Mark Cuban knows how to build
profitable businesses and franchises.

And there’s a LOT we can learn from him.

Here’s one of the many “smart” things he has said:

“You can fail 1,000 times at business, but if you succeed
ONCE, you’re a success at business. The failures don’t
matter. They are just acts. Things that happened. NOT
what matters.”

This is soooooo true!!

It doesn’t matter how many things you’ve tried that didn’t
pan out like you had planned.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed, been
hyped up and lied to, none of it matters.

That ONE inevitable success (if you stick with this)
erases everything else.

Here’s one thing about the quote though.

This DOES NOT mean that you can just randomly fail
1,000 times.

The spray and pray strategy doesn’t work.

No, no!! That’s ridiculous.

You can’t go into this blindly. You need a system. You
need a strategy, a plan.


A plan that you know will work for you.

A plan like My Top Tier Business:

Then, when you fail 1 time, 2 times, 3 times,
you’re not failing blindly.

You’re failing forward!! You’re learning.
And THAT’S how you’ll reach success.

Taking little actions everyday, learning what worked,
what didn’t, what you can do better, what you can
scrap, and then doing it again.

What’s great about My Top Tier Business, is the simplicity of it all.


You get to focus on the single most important thing
you can be doing, which is sending targeted leads
into the system…

…And the system will do all the rest.

Included in this is the opportunity to have the MOBE
ELITE closing high ticket programs FOR YOU.

They get a tiny but nice cut of the vig, and you get
the bulk of the profits.

It couldn’t get any better than this!


And don’t worry, you’ll know EXACTLY how the
top earners get and how YOU can get all the leads
you’ll ever need.

Check out the presentation, and then decide to get
started with me in this magical system.

Richard Weberg

P.S. Again, I know not succeeding right off the bat can
be frustrating. But as Mark says, none of that matters
once you succeed.

Watch the presentation, decide, and keep slugging away!!

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