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Two Crazy 16 Year Olds, Came Up With A Crazy Marketing Idea…

July 21st, 2014 by weberg69

I am very proud of my son Jon Weberg, him and his business partner Parc Chamernick,

they have just launched their own internet marketing program, Marketing Mastery Elite.

I know how much work it can be to get one off the ground and running from my own experiences.

The cool part is they are only 16 years old..When I was 16 I had other things on my mind and it wasnt opening a business..

Very proud of you son!!

So today wanted to share with everyone my sons new site,  Marketing Mastery Elite..


You will be able to learn how to use Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other forms of social media to market your business.

Today is the first day of their launch, and so far its been a huge success..

Dont miss out on this HUGE opportunity to be in first in Marketing Mastery Elite and ride the wave of excitement!

Sign up now and join us and start making huge commissions..


Richard Weberg




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“Beyond the Hype” is LIVE soon log in now!! We start at 8pm Eastern!

July 15th, 2014 by weberg69


Just a reminder that our get together starts in just under
2 hours at 8m Eastern time!!

Log in now to reserve your seat!


Below is the email I sent earlier today!


You spoke and we are listening..

I admit, there are a lot of excited people with the
the launch of our Facebook Instant Income System.

And I also admit, with excitement comes “Hype”

And with “hype” comes skepticism..

So if you have some free time tonight at 8pm Eastern
please join us for a LIVE interactive webinar :-)

We will have a very special guest with Terry Anglin
and Mark Call..

It is our V.P. of technology Richard Sedlak

What are we are going to do it take you “Beyond the Hype”
and show that we are ..

>> A REAL Company
>> With REAL Products
>> With REAL Customers (not just distributors)
>> With an AMAZING and REAL opportunity!

Do not get me wrong, excitement and hype are
a GREAT thing..

Provided they are backed by a REAL company
with REAL products and GOOD people!

Make sense?

Tonight Tuesday July 15th 2013 at 8pm Eastern


“Beyond the Hype” come and meet our team!
To get the most out of tonight’s webinar please follow these
simple steps:

Step 1. Make sure you are a FREE member of our Facebook Group here

Step 3. Be sure to join us LIVE right here at 8pm Eastern time!

This is truly exploding, dont miss out!!
Richard Weberg

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Do You Use Facebook, Do you need $500.00?

July 12th, 2014 by weberg69

Your time has come…

Your ship has came in..

Do you use facebook?

Over a billion people do…

So this is the most simple system online you will ever see..

Thats right, and if you can post to facebook, then this will make you money..

Seriously, get in now, it hasnt even fully launched yet..

This is pre-launch, and you can get in first..

Just click this link below and follow the steps now!


The first contest is the Daily $500.00 Cash Contest


1. $500.00 Instant Paid Daily!

The top reseller to bring in the most resellers on a daily basis will get $500 paid to them the following day.

(You must bring in a minimum of 4 resellers per day) This contest will run from July 10th to July 31st 2014


The second contest is for the top 10 finishers.


2. In addition to the daily contest the top 10 affiliates who bring in the most resellers will get:

1. First Prize $4000
2. Second Prize $2500
3. Third $1000
4. $1,000
5. $  750
6. $  500
7. $  500
8. $  500
9. $  500
10. $ 500

I am all ready on board, and waiting to help you get started, finally success is in your reach.

This is the best facebook marketing system I have ever seen!

 Invite people yo join our facebook group and make money, it dosnt get any simpler then that…


Richard Weberg

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We want you on our TEAM..Things are getting CRAZY!

June 26th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes, we are exploding with growth and would love to have you join us,

very exciting times here for Youreightsteps members, we are absolutely

growing by leaps and bounds, and am super excited for future growth for our members!

 Come join us and finally succeed online, we want you to join us, and we will help and support you..


Joanne Toydemir After working online a few years, I discovered Richard’s blog and writings online and I thoroughly believe YourEightSteps was formed from his heart to dedicate his efforts to help others understand the how to’s to reach onlline success, Upon joining YourEightSteps, I found both he and Brenda highly responsive to my many queries and I highly applaud them both for their professionalism and expertise! One can truly trust their marketing system, skills and tools essential to branding yourself and your business.


Carl Davies That is pure value and love this system. You’re over delivering in a big way. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us build over business online…


George Coppola To continue “Your Eight Steps” is a quick education to this world of Online Marketing. Richard has the ability; must professional ; warm personality as a mentor role in teaching .Thank you

George Coppola I am considered a Newbie to the world of Online Marketing, however after signing up with Richard and Brenda who by the way are two of the most kind people you want to meet.


Okay, we are offering something totally different and we are kicking butt, why because we actually do help people, I am very proud to say..I dont want to be put into a class of non responsive owners or admins who do not help people.


We love our members, and together we are achieving great things!!


Richard Weberg

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YourEightSteps is simple, but it WORKS for anyone regardless of their experience…

June 24th, 2014 by weberg69

Hey Friends, very short blog post today am tired from a long day. I have been making my living from home now
for many years, and we created this simple system

where anyone can have success and make money online, regardless of
their past experience.

We will teach you how to make over $124.95 a day
online..completely, Step by Step..

(Anyone Can Follow it)


Seriously, these steps are exactly what we do each day,

I challenge you to at least check it out and watch the
very first video, you owe it to yourself..
To at least see what I am talking about. There is really nothing like it online..

if you follow these steps, you will not need anything

We seriously want to help you, just check it out..Nothing is left out!

You will be very surprised, it will be different then

anything you have ever experienced. A true complete marketing system.

Trust me, we want to help you..


Richard Weberg

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Start a 6 figure biz with NO RISK! GET ALL MONEY BACK if it does not go as hoped.

June 6th, 2014 by weberg69


I have a shameless risk free offer you can not refuse!

You don’t deserve hype and gimmicks and empty promises.
Let me just make this straight up proposition
to you.

Spend 30 days with me learning and growing
your business RISK FREE.

After 30 days, if you don’t see profits coming
your way. Cancel and PureLeverage will refund you
your entire investment of $24.95 per month !

Plus you can get started for $1.00 from this very
hidden page

Get starred with a risk free $1.00 trial

To be clear, here is what I need you to know.

1. People earn high 6 figures with this program and we are only just starting!

2. You can start the exact same business and follow the model
    that people have used to successfully earn 6 figure incomes
    …and you can do it risk free. No $100K education debt and
    no $1M franchise fee. The doors are now open for all!

3. NO RISK. 100% of your membership and reseller fee can
    be refunded after 30 days. Find me a business where you
    can fail and get 100% of your investment back!

The 30 day money back guarantee is something
you need to focus on for 2 reasons.

1. Realize that the dream of owning a business
    is answered when you click here and register.

2. PL- The company – cannot make a single penny
    offering money back guarantees to people who
    do not have success. So ask yourself. How are we
    so profitable if everyone is asking for their money
    back? Simple. The vast majority DO NOT ask for
    their money back after 30 days. The vast majority
    of people realize they made a very wise decision
    and continue their fruitful relationship with us.

Ok. That is about as clear as I can make it and
about as attractive an offer as anyone can make.

Business start up for just $1.00
Business model in use for you to follow by people who make 6 figures with us.
Risk free 30 day money back guarantee on your startup costs.

Here is the catch. THIS OFFER EXPIRES IN 24 HOURS!

Take action and register right now, then
go to your calendar and make a note 30 days
from now that reminds you to evaluate where
your business is going.

Making money has never carried less risk!

richard weberg


P.S. Remember the only catch is this offer expires in 24 hours
so take action now!

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Introducing Leverage Live!!

June 6th, 2014 by weberg69

Oh man oh man, am I excited, Leverage Live is incredible!!

Not only are you able to attend “Leverage Live!” to
help you get to the next level in your online
business…but you can also MAKE MONEY referring this
online seminar event to others and get a significant
discount on your own ticket to the event.

What Is “Leverage Live!” ?

“Leverage Live!” is a full day online seminar designed
to help you achieve wealth, prosperity and happiness
in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new
to online marketing or you are an old veteran,
Leverage Live! will help you on the path obtain all of
your goals and dreams.

How is that you ask?

At “Leverage Live!” we bring in the “Best of the Best”
speakers, coaches and mentors to teach, inspire and
help you grow your online business…not matter what
kind of business you are in! Many of our speakers are
6 and 7 figure a year earners who started out just
like you…at the beginning! They have been in the
trenches, they know what it’s like to start your own
home business. At “Leverage Live!” our speakers and
coaches will teach, train, and inspire you in what it
takes to have success. They will give you the specific
answers, strategies and tips and techniques to make
your business work for you. They will also inspire you
to get to that next level or simply just get started
right in your business.


One of the other advantages of attending “Leverage
Live!” is you will get the opportunity to network with
other online attendees throughout the full day online
seminar. We have a special chat room and time
scheduled for interacting with other online attendees.
Attending events is one of the fastest ways to grow
your business and now you can attend the “Leverage
Live” event no matter where you are in the world all
from the comfort of your home!”

Leveraging Your Time And Money

As you can see from the name of the online seminar,
it’s all about “Leveraging” your time, talents and
income. We all know that attending a physical event is
critical to success, but sometimes people just can’t
break away for 4 to 5 days or physical or global
limitations prevent them from attending events. Not
any more!

“Leverage Live!” is available to anyone around the
world, no matter what your circumstances or schedule
is. Now you can “Leverage” your time and resources to
attend this AWESOME event that is going to get you to
the next level. You can also “Leverage” your income by
attending the event…

  Events Are Where People make life changing decisions…

Make Money Promoting & Attending Leverage Live!

I will see you there!

Richard Weberg

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From (0) to over $124.95 a day with 5 simple steps In 30 Days

May 21st, 2014 by weberg69

How would you like to make over $124.95 a Day even if

The process is simple, and you must focus on 5 main

These are the 5 most important activities that will
put you on the fast track to over 124.95 a day..

It does not have to be a slow painful process.

You must also go after it, believing it will happen
for you.

You must put some skin in the game.

Are you getting what I am saying?

I will show you how to go from 0 to over $124.95 a day
with 5 simple steps and be making more in the next 30
days then you ever have online!

Will you take action?

Can you follow simple step by step instructions?

Or will you make excuses why you can not?

This is why most people fail and stay broke, they can
not do these five things…Seriously, I have been
doing this over ten years, and with out fail, I can
tell you why every single person fails..

1. They do not take action
2. Will not follow instructions
3. They do not build their list
4. They are afraid to buy website traffic
5. They do not email their list

And in essence, those are your ingredients for
success, hence why so many people fail, they do not do
the most important things, that are the most important
for their own success.

So if you are finally ready to go after it, change
your financial situation once and fore all, I am
giving you the process..

The question remains…Is..What Will You Do With It?

Richard Weberg

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Is Facebook Really The Best Converting Traffic Source Online?

May 6th, 2014 by weberg69

Yes, Facebook conversions result in many more paid sign ups, truly powerful!

If you mastered this skill, where would you be three months from now?

Today I would like to share a course about Facebook Marketing And Social Media, called Social Lever, there are many ways to use Facebook to increase conversions..

Because Let’s face it, Facebook and Social Media have become marketing giants!
Facebook says it now has 1.11 billion people using the site each month. Facebook has become a daily routine for more than 1 billion active users… Astonishing!

Over 751 million people are now using Facebook from a mobile device each month alone…

This is why so many people are using Facebook to market their businesses online and why it can be so powerful… It is totally unlimited in the number of people you can reach!

Can you now understand how Facebook can explode your marketing reach online?

Facebook can literally explode your business when you learn how to use it correctly… You need to learn the what, how and why… And once you learn this, it can totally be incorporated into your marketing activities each day, and take very little time to maximize your results…

Because YOU are already using Facebook anyway, now make it help you make money online!
Click the link below to purchase your Social Lever Facebook Marketing Course for $2.95. I wanted this to be a good affordable product for everyone.

Does that sound good?

P.S. Just because this course has a cheap cost, does not mean it is not good..
Richard Weberg

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Do You Know How To Position YourSelf For Maximum Profit?

May 1st, 2014 by weberg69

I Have To Admit It

There is Nothing more annoying to me

Then The “Deal Of The Week”

The Latest Launch that is going to save the industry, lol

But the truth is that almost

Every one of the major income streams

That I’ve created over the last few years

Starting During “Prelaunch” or “Relaunch”

And You have that opportunity right now,
Pureleverage is launching two new products
this month, that will both be new faces for
Pureleverage, this will set in motion a huge
new wave..

“New” causes excitement, growth, and these two
products that are coming out from Pureleverage
will cause an explosion..

And This One is no different, we will be promoting
a new face called Reliable Reach and Leverage live,
both of which will also build your downline in Pureleverage.

How do you take advantage of this, you get in Pureleverage now,

before we launch, because these two products will launch any day now.

And this will be an internal launch, meaning existing members of PureLeverage

get to launch it first…

“Joel Therien is loyal to his affiliates, he has downline integrity”

That old saying “You Got To Get In Early”

Does have some merit……

Now that doesn’t mean that someone can’t

Be successful in a company if they join later

I have done that many times as well,

BUT momentum starts at the formation of the wave

And your efforts today when when the ball is small

Can turn into a mountain once it rolls down the hill.

Point is that in this business to be successful


And the best time to Create a story

Is during the launch of a company

When No One has joined yet…..

Everyone is your prospect at that point

And your chances of closing some of them

Is greatly increased…..

If I was brand new to this industry

And wanted to create the business and income that I have now

The First Company I would Join Today is Pureleverage

And I would work this launch like my life depended on it

And a year from now I would never have to

Worry about money EVER again!

That is what I’m offering you Right now

Don’t let success pass you by again and again

Join Right Now, And it even has a $1 trial to get you started.

And get serious about this business

Because it can change your life

I speak from experience when I say

Once you learn to Use These Tools effectively


Lets make your dreams come true this year.

Join Now And Take Action

I’ll see you on the other side

P.S. Then make sure to get a hold of me on skype or email, and I will tell you what to do to get started very fast..

Skype: richard.weberg


Richard Weberg

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