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Richard Weberg

Yes, in most circumstances untargeted website traffic is bad, it is bad because your chances of it converting into sales or some type of conversion is extremely low. But it can still present an opportunity to improve upon your site and your offers.


The meaning of untargeted traffic.

If you keep checking your site stats, and you notice you are getting a fair amount of visitors everyday, but none of this traffic is converting into leads, sign ups or sales, most likely you are getting random visitors to your site, who have no interest in your products or services.

Basically that is what untargeted traffic is, people who are visiting your site out of curiosity, or because they clicked upon a link somewhere that led them to your site, but they have no real interest in your product or service to begin with.

Untargeted website traffic can come from mistakenly clicking a link, friends emailing your site to each other, errant search results, or from someone posting memes or content that has gone viral on major social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc..

I have visited sites I have no real interest in, as I am sure most people have online at one-time or another, it just happens.

Now it also happens because you may be advertising to the wrong audience. Meaning you are using low quality advertising, such as traffic exchanges, safelist, text ad exchanges, pop ups or buying so called cheap “wholesale traffic“, or maybe even fake traffic, there is plenty of that on the net as well..

There are plenty of websites that offer tons of untargeted traffic at a ridiculously low prices, but you’re really getting what you pay for.


Untargeted traffic is very frustrating.

It sucks, especially if you have never made much sales online before, because you know you have all these people visiting your website, yet no one is interested. This leads to much frustration, as you do not understand, so you begin to think something is wrong with your site, or your sales page.

The real problem is you are getting only very untargeted traffic, which converts very poorly. Even if you are using PPC (Pay Per Click) through the major search engines, you may be targeting the wrong keywords and demographics, which may result in visitors but no conversions. Not all keyword traffic is targeted enough.

This is why we always recommend taking courses to learn marketing online from someone who has mastered it, before attempting it on your own.

There is no sense in doing marketing anymore by trial and error, it is just to costly, especially when there are step by step courses that will show you how to do it like a pro.


Untargeted website traffic can be an opportunity to improve your website copy.

If you are currently getting almost no conversions from your current website visitors, take the time to either hire an expert from a place like Fiverr to tweak your ad copy or learn to do it your self. Professionally done copywriting can be a true game changer.

Either way, it is still visitors and you want to get the most out of your website as you can, this will also help you get even higher conversions when you have very targeted website traffic coming to your site and offers.

If you can get more of your untargeted website traffic to convert, it will mean your copy is spot on.

Always track everything you do, either by integrating Google analytics tag manager into your site, or by using a tracking software for all of your promotions like ClickMeter.

There are few perks to untargeted traffic, and they can actually tell you a lot about your marketing and advertising efforts and what you can do to improve them.


The fastest ways to get targeted website traffic.

This is how you get laser targeted visitors coming to you, is to use PPC (Pay Per Click), through the major platforms such as..

Facebook Ads- FB Ad Course

Microsoft Advertising – MS Ad Course

Google Adwords – GA Ad Course

YouTube – YT ads course

Solo Ad Traffic – if you are in the make money online niche

But again, do not go into these blindly, take a course and learn from people who have already done it, this will save you oodles of time and money. Targeted website traffic is the fastest way for you or your business to make money online, and scale it into extreme profits, but it will not come by accident, or you doing trial and error.

Do not do it the hard way..


In conclusion.

Is untargeted website traffic bad? Yes, because it results in little to no conversions, but take advantage of it to improve your website copywriting, and focus the majority of your time, energy and resources on getting great quality high converting targeted website traffic.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello, would love to hear from you.

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