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Richard Weberg

Lets take a look at do solo ads still work in 2021?

The answer is a resounding YES, but not for everyone, and in this article we will discuss who they will work for and why, and also what types of business niches or affiliate niches should not use them.

If you landed on this article and you really have no idea how solo ads even work, please read this article first. (Best Solo Ad Providers) it will explain how they work in detail.

We will start off with..

Why should you take my advice?

Because I have been buying solo ads for well over a decade now, and have built many multitudes of email list into the tens of thousands using them.

I am not just writing about them, I actively use them to make sales every single day.

Do solo ads work for every business or affiliate niche?

The answer is NO, if you are selling products such as Household Goods, products that we buy and use within our homes. Examples include: kitchenware, furniture, clothing, shoes, bedding, books, tools, convenience goods or food related, solo ads will not work for you.

The answer is NO, if you are selling Services such as a real estate agent, insurance agent, travel agent, health care agent, or legal agent (lawyer), solo ads will not work for you.

The answer is NO, if you are selling products that are in ANY retail stores, or ANY brick and mortar stores, solo ads will not work for you.

I think you can determine from these list above of what NOT to try and sell using solo ads. There are other advertising strategies to consider for these types of product and services, that mainly involve building a web presence online, through having your own website and blog and building organic traffic through search.

Also using Facebook ads and PPC with Google Adwords. ***Do not do PPC with Google Adwords or Facebook without taking a course first, because you will lose your shirt!

The only way you could sell any of these types of products and services listed above using solo ads, is if the products or services are tied into some type of MLM (multi-level marketing) company. Because then it would be part of an opportunity to make money.

So that brings us to..

Business and affiliate niches that solo ads will work for.

Solo ads work for the make money online and business opportunity niches as well as for selling any products or services that people use or help them in some capacity to make money online.

Example: you want to sell autoresponder software, or web hosting, ebooks on how to make money online or funnel builder software, etc, solo ads will work for you. Basically anything in the make money online and business opportunity niches.

And as I mentioned above of what NOT to promote with solo ads, if what your promoting is tied into an actual mlm opportunity then solo ads can work for you as well, as long as you promote it as an opportunity.

Nobody who will receive your solo ads is interested initially in lotions, soaps and miracle pills. They are interested in making money, and will buy these other products after joining your opportunity.

The opportunity of an mlm must come first with using solo ads. Meaning your lead capture page and follow up emails should emphasis the opportunity for it to work.

Other reasons why solo ads will not work for you.

Even if you are using solo ads to promote and sell in the right niches, you will still fail with them, if you do not understand email marketing and how it works.

You need to be using a lead capture page for your offers and have it integrated with an autoresponder, such as Get Response, Sendshark, Aweber, etc.

So the page you will be advertising in solo ads with will always be a lead magnet of some kind.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead capture page with an extension of your offer, such as giving away free information in exchange for the prospective leads name and email or just email.

The lead capture page (lead magnet) will have a brief enticing offer with a form on it, where a prospective lead can put in their email and name to get more information or get your free offer.

The better your lead magnet is, the more leads you will get. So it is always to your benefit to test and tweak your lead magnet.

If you’re looking to be successful in making money online, then you will need to build an email list no matter what advertising strategy you are using.

And to effectively build an email list, you will need a lead magnet.

Sqribble is an awesome ebook and content creator, which you can use to create lead magnets such as ebooks.

You can create content to give away with a few mouse clicks, Sqribble even has done for you articles covering many niches you can use to make your ebooks from.

They give you tons of easy options such as taking content from a link or blog post as well and turning it into an ebook, really is an amazing tool. You can click here to learn more now.

Solo ad marketing can be very lucrative.

When done right, it is one of the least expensive and non complicated ways to build an income online. Solo ads are fast, and once you have your offer and follow up perfected you can turn leads into sales every single day.

Other advertising strategies can be slow and very time consuming, and some can be very expensive and complicated to dial in, such as PPC (Pay Per Click). ***Do not do PPC with Google Adwords or Facebook without taking a course first, because you will lose your shirt!

Email marketing is the key with solo ads, and with any advertising that you do, over 90% of all sales I have ever made online all come from the follow up using my autoresponders.

So do solo ads still work in 2021? Absolutely! And will always work as long as people read their emails..

Just be mind full of what niches you offer in them as I have explained above, and always, always use a lead capture page (lead magnet) in them.

Top Solo Ad Platforms.

These platforms listed below are where me and my son buy most of our solo ads from.

1. Traffic Authority

2. MLM Leads

3. Udimi

4. TrafficForMe

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello, would love to hear from you.

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