Some of the best advice I ever got when it comes to online marketing

Years a go when I first started marketing online, I was very afraid to try something I didn’t know how to do, so many times I would just not even try to do it.

Well all that fear of the unknown took control of me, and I actually waited two years before I ever started building my email list, or setting up a blog, not doing these two things cost me tens of thousands of dollars those first two years..

And I wasted a lot of time, because I was afraid of technology and learning how to do new things with stuff I didn’t understand, so I kept doing things that were not working..

How did I change all that and over come my fears..Here is the best advice I ever got, and it came in a email from someones list I was subscribed to, the email was talking about why it was so important to build my list and how fear of not knowing how to do something stops people cold in their tracks.

And the advice was: “The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing”

“Action is better than inaction. If you stay on the mountain and do nothing, you will eventually die. You have to try, fail, learn, do it over and over to grow and make steps forward. You have one life to live and it’s time to stop making excuses and start making progress. Get out there and do something, learn, strive and take action everyday.”

The best advice I’ve ever received, and the advice I share with you now.

When I read that advice in that email, I decided from that moment on, I would not let fear stop me anymore, I immediately started using an autoresponder and started building my list, and tackled things I didn’t know how to do head on! Now I have 5 blogs and multiple

And it was at that point that my business really started to grow..

Richard Weberg

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2 thoughts on “Some of the best advice I ever got when it comes to online marketing

  1. Great advice. I remember someother advice that you have given that goes along with this. I have heard you say on numerous occasions that to get massive results you have to take massive action. After reading this post I reminded that I cannot take massive action until I have set my fears aside and taken action. Thanks

    • I thank you Bo for your comments, and I appreciate them very much…My own marketing never took off, until I set my fears a side and decided I would take action no matter what my fears were, it is sad that many people let their fears stop them from succeeding in marketing, and in life.

      Thanks my friend!
      Richard weberg

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