4 thoughts on “How do you start making this crap work?

  1. Some great advice Richard. I implemented your advice about using Clixsense Clixgrid for hands-free traffic and I am grateful to you for the suggestion. I received a lot of opt-ins to my capture page. It is now an integral part of my traffic plan. My next step is to implement your Herculist suggestion. Keep up the good work. Blessings!!

  2. Hello Richard!!

    Like always great advice, always keeping real and teaching the real method to make money, a lot of marketer are teaching that email marketing is dead, but we knot that is a liar.

    Have you been fooled into believing email marketing is dead? Lots of people have bought into that hook, line and sinker by people who want to sell them stuff. And it’s costing them a small fortune in lost sales by focusing on all the wrong things. Marlon Sander

    “The Key is in the building of a list. Online, nothing else matters…” “If you haven’t got a list…. Why NOT?.” – Mike Filsaime

    • Email marketing is the best and only way to build income and sales online, and the most reliable.

      People check their emails every single day..

      It was my single biggest mistake my first two years trying to market online, I did not build my email list..

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