How To Purchase A Domain Name And Redirect It To Affiliate Offers

In Today’s video I am going to show you How To Purchase A Domain Name And Redirect It To Affiliate Offers.

As an example in the video I purchased two domain names. One of which is I then redirected it this affiliate offer.

This is an easy process and in the video I give you step by step guidance..Once you purchase a domain name you can redirect it to any affiliate offer you want or what ever webpage you want.

You do not need to have full hosting to do so, only need to have purchased the domain name itself. Domains only cost around 15.00 a year. To make full use of your domain, like build a website on it, you would need to purchase a hosting package with your new domain name.

Which would come in handy for setting up a personalized domain name email as well. Even if you do not build something on your new domain, you can still forward it to an affiliate offer. Many marketers do this for a multiple of reason, which I describe in the video. Some even take it as far to buy a domain name for every affiliate offer they promote and redirect it to the offer.

Click Here for the next video and I will show you how to create memes in canva that have your new domain name on them.

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