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Richard Weberg

First off, I do not own any safelist, mailers or traffic exchanges my self, and never have.

I have been using safelist, mailers and manual traffic exchanges for about 12 years now as one of my main traffic sources. They produce over 80% of all my traffic.

Secondly, It is extremely targeted traffic (for those selling anything in the make money online niche)..Safelist, mailers and manual traffic exchanges are chalk full of internet marketers, there are literally tens of thousands of people who use them everyday. Some have member ships that exceed over a million members, and some of those larger ones literally have over 1000 new people join them everyday, 365 days a year.

Thirdly, I get over 10,000 visitors a day to all my offers, without really trying, Safelist, mailers and manual traffic exchanges pay me to use them, and my traffic is residual. Some I have so much traffic available in, that I send it to my personal referrals, because I can not even use it all.

Fourth let me give you some real facts…

1. They are totally free to join and use, with (optional upgrades) and most give out promo codes and out right free credits just for joining.

2. They attract masses of internet marketers because of number 1, I mean who dose not want free traffic or should I say the ability to create free traffic very easily??

3. They give away credits to people for referring other people, and for active referrals surfing.

4. They are referral based. Every member can earn commissions, most even pay commissions to free members on upgraded referrals. If your upgraded yourself, you can earn larger commissions.

5. So here is a traffic source that is never ending, and you have the ability to literally reach tens of thousands of other internet marketers (every day) totally for free, or even get paid to do so…

6. Safelist, mailers and manual traffic exchanges have been around longer then I have been marketing online, so before 2003, because that is when I started using them.

Now back to my point..How to use safelist and mailers Successfully..

1. Only advertise an opt-in page, with an offer that has to do with the make money online niche, if you have a product or service that will help people build more traffic, build their list faster, build better pages, create videos, create membership sites, help them with blogging, a mlm opportunity, Anything to do with internet marketing,etc…Then they will work for you.

But if your trying to sell stuff like shoes or sun glasses, very doubtful.

2. Get good upgrades in the top safelist, traffic exchanges and mailers. Most offer, lifetime, yearly, or monthly discounted upgrades, especially upon first joining or when they are first launching.Example, if you can get a lifetime upgrade in a safelist, lets say for $77.00 (this means you never pay again). And lets say that upgrade lets you mail 3000 people every 48 hours, this means you will send 547,500 emails by the end of the year in that one safelist. Now if this is a top safelist with a good owner, or a new one with a good owner, that safelist will continue to grow, and potentially will be around for years. So as the site grows, the number of people you reach will grow and cost you nothing extra.

3. Multiply your upgrades (best is always lifetime), the example above was only one, lets say you had 20 of these lifetime upgrades. You had a one-time cost and and permanent advertising resource.20 times 3000 is 60,000 emails sent every 48 hours, now take that by every 48 hours, 365 days in a year , and you send over 10 million emails in them a year.Once you learn how to use a safelists or mailers, it only takes maybe a minute per each one to log in and send out your email in each. So lets say a half hour every other day to send out over 10 million emails a year…

4. I ask again, who does not want free traffic? So the last step is to make your safelist and mailers pay you to use them. How do I do this, after taking a lifetime upgrade in any safelist, I then send an ad to my list with my referral link for that safelist. I am an upgraded member, so usually I get 50% commissions. Now many people take me up on the offer and some use it as a free member and others upgrade in it. So lets say I make $250.00 in commissions after sending it to my list. I paid $77.00 one-time lifetime payment to upgrade in it, so I just made $173.00. That safelist has now paid me to advertise my own offers, it cost me nothing, except the time it takes to log in and hit send…Plus my referrals earn me residual traffic credits. Most safelist pay me commissions every month..

Now my last point is..

They absolutely work, you can not argue this, I have built huge list using these traffic sites, and I continue to do so.
Now they may not work in the context like a solo ad does where you buy 100 clicks for $70.00 and you get 30 or 40 immediate opt-ins.

Safelist, mailers, manual traffic exchanges, offer several different online advertising options, because of them I also have over a million banner and text ads running across the internet at all times.

My partner Brenda, started this strategy when she first started marketing online, and after doing this for about two years, she was sending over 200,000 emails a day, thats over 70 million emails in a year…She started one lifetime membership at a time, and took her profits and reinvested them into more. (and believe me she gets results:)

Some lifetime upgrades cost more some cost less then the example I gave, depends on how big, new or old the exchange is..And when they run specials. Well the example I gave you is the best way, lifetimes are always the best choice, you can also do it having monthlies and yearly upgrades…

To see my list of safelist and mailers I use, go to this blog post:

All traffic strategies work, does not matter what avenue you choose, its taking the time to figure out what works with them..Not trying something, I never try something..If you just try something it will always fail, you have to be committed and make it work, otherwise do not bother, you are just wasting your time.

To Your Success In All You Do!

Richard Weberg


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Hello Everyone, My name is Richard Weberg, I am happily married and have
3 wonderful children, well they are all men now…God that makes me feel old..
I am full-time blogger and affiliate marketing expert. I have been helping people make money online now for over 18 years!

I turned to internet marketing in 2003 because our local economy was literally in the toilet! It took me two years of jumping from business to business banging my head against the wall before I figured out how to profit online. You are not alone there is a solution.

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  1. Your are right they do work. Most people who say they do not work do not do what needs to be done to get results. I use them and get good traffic if I use a good squeeze page instead of an affiliate page I get good results.

    1. Thanks Bo for your feedback, appreciate it my friend. The other great thing about mailers, and safelist is the traffic is instant, you send out and you start getting visitors..

      To your success
      Richard Weberg

  2. Great Post! This is what I have always tried to teach people that join me in anything. Traffic Exchanges and Safelists are approx 90% of my marketing because they work! When I started online in 2008 I made so many mistakes. I paid for traffic that wasn’t targeted when I had a few $ (I was unemployed, looking for a JOB at the time) and I was using the affiliate link to the replicated website, working from about 10am-1am 7 days a week, it was awful. Didn’t discover safelists and traffic exchanges until about 2009 and didn’t understand how to best utilize them until about 2011. So from 2008-2011 I made maybe $100-$200 Total. After 2011, within 3 months of doing things right I was earning a little over $300 per month. But I was still making a few mistakes. By 2012 I was earning almost $8,000 per month but the program died and along with it my income. I knew nothing about creating a marketing funnel. I am still learning more but I am grateful that I have learned as much as I have.
    Once I learned what I needed to, the number 1 mistake I made was joining something, promoting it for a week then days later promoting it for 1-2 days.
    Don’t make this mistake because those skipped days in my opinion just opened the doors for
    someone else to come along and take away leads, signups and sales that could have been mine on those days if I had remained consistent.

    1. Thanks Paul, appreciate your feedback, and your experiences, and sharing them with everyone. We all make mistakes, the difference is some people learn from them and continue on, and others let them become road blocks and give up.

      Success is a journey and not a destination, learning and growing makes us better!

      I appreciate your comments my friend very much..To your success

      Richard Weberg

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