4 thoughts on “How to use safelist and mailers Successfully..

  1. Your are right they do work. Most people who say they do not work do not do what needs to be done to get results. I use them and get good traffic if I use a good squeeze page instead of an affiliate page I get good results.

    • Thanks Bo for your feedback, appreciate it my friend. The other great thing about mailers, and safelist is the traffic is instant, you send out and you start getting visitors..

      To your success
      Richard Weberg

  2. Great Post! This is what I have always tried to teach people that join me in anything. Traffic Exchanges and Safelists are approx 90% of my marketing because they work! When I started online in 2008 I made so many mistakes. I paid for traffic that wasn’t targeted when I had a few $ (I was unemployed, looking for a JOB at the time) and I was using the affiliate link to the replicated website, working from about 10am-1am 7 days a week, it was awful. Didn’t discover safelists and traffic exchanges until about 2009 and didn’t understand how to best utilize them until about 2011. So from 2008-2011 I made maybe $100-$200 Total. After 2011, within 3 months of doing things right I was earning a little over $300 per month. But I was still making a few mistakes. By 2012 I was earning almost $8,000 per month but the program died and along with it my income. I knew nothing about creating a marketing funnel. I am still learning more but I am grateful that I have learned as much as I have.
    Once I learned what I needed to, the number 1 mistake I made was joining something, promoting it for a week then days later promoting it for 1-2 days.
    Don’t make this mistake because those skipped days in my opinion just opened the doors for
    someone else to come along and take away leads, signups and sales that could have been mine on those days if I had remained consistent.

    • Thanks Paul, appreciate your feedback, and your experiences, and sharing them with everyone. We all make mistakes, the difference is some people learn from them and continue on, and others let them become road blocks and give up.

      Success is a journey and not a destination, learning and growing makes us better!

      I appreciate your comments my friend very much..To your success

      Richard Weberg

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