November 3, 2011 2:00 am

Richard Weberg

I get asked this question a lot, why don’t you just get all your traffic from only a few traffic exchanges, why surf so many??


Traffic exchanges are like socks and underwear, you cant just have a few pairs, otherwise you will wear them out to quickly. LOL

Seriously, you need the diversity, otherwise you will be reaching the same audience way to often. I am a member of at least 80 traffic exchanges, and surf them all. I put them on a schedule and rotate through them each week. You create groups, and open up a group when your ready to surf each day, its actually really simple.


All traffic exchanges have a different size membership base of active surfers at any given time, they are referred from various sources. And every traffic exchange grows at different rates of bringing in new people to the market. Owners advertise in different places, some don’t advertise hardly at all. There are also higher and lower points of activity in each exchange depending on the time , day, week and so forth. The more new people coming in to the traffic exchange market the more responsive the traffic exchanges become. When there is a lot of new people in the market, getting new subscribers becomes very easy, when there’s not very many, you really have to work for every subscriber, sign up, etc, you get. Also the rate at which your credits are used up varies greatly from exchange to exchange, some whip through your credits as your surfing, others take days, sometimes weeks to use them up.


So based on all these factors and variables, I surf a lot of different exchanges, a few I surf daily but not many, only the ones with huge membership bases, like trafficswarm (over 400,000) , easyhits4u (over 350,000), just to name a couple. I see people all the time get hung up on surfing only a handful of exchanges, the same ones everyday, problem is a lot more of your credits will be wasted advertising to mostly the same people over and over again. When I first started using traffic exchanges, I kept surfing just a few over and over everyday, and after a few weeks I noticed my rate of new subscribers started to drop off greatly. It took me a while to figure it out, I started to join some new ones, and my rate would go right back up.


If your in the traffic exchange business or are using safelist it is important to use a lot of them (so get used to joining them it only takes a minute anyways), and create a system for rotating through them each week. This allows you to reach the greatest amount of new people coming into the market.


For a list of all the traffic exchanges and safelist I use visit these two links:

Top Rated Traffic Exchanges

Top Rated Safelist Resources


To Your Success And Happiness


Richard Weberg

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  1. This is a great view point on surfing multiple traffic exchanges. I agree many people get comfortable surfing a handful of exchanges and don’t expand their advertising base. Your plan to surf a handful a day is very similar to mine. I have a daily and weekly schedule to keep traffic flowing from a variety of sources.
    Great stuff!

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