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Richard Weberg

Why it is so important to upgrade and invest money in your business……….

Most people who dont have a business background tend to look at upgrading or business program fees as expenses, there use to paying bills for there home or lifestyle and buying things that depreciate in value (except hopefully their home) so it ads stress and its something  they have to pay for every month, otherwise the items they are paying for get taken away or shut off, etc. Most of us have never really learned to build our financial well being first, and learn how to make money work for us, instead we work for money at a (9 to 5 job) because we went and spent money on our lifestyle first. So we are constantly in a rat race trying to keep up,and now we need instant income to pay for our expenses.

There are basically only three types of income, and usually only one of them provides instant income, the other two require understanding delayed gratification:

1..Earned income
You trade your time for money (Your job)
Instant income

2.Portfolio income
Bonds ,stocks, mutual funds (investments)
delayed gratification

3.Residual Or Passive Income (Your Business)
Businesses, real estate, insurance
delayed gratification

A wealthy business friend of mine always use to tell me “The key to becoming wealthy is the ability to convert earned income into passive / or portfolio income” He also taught me that trading your time for money (Earned income) was very limited because you could only ever earn x amount of $ based on time, so you are limited to the amount of time you can work in a week (and there is only one of you) through investing in number 2 and 3 you multiply your time and money (you make money work for you).

Now building passive or residual income takes learning how to make money work for you, switching your mind set from, oh my God another expense to Wow that investment in upgrading in that traffic exchange can really save me time and increase my traffic ten fold!  Again we tend to ask the wrong questions “How much is this going to cost me” instead of “How much is this going to make me?” it still surprises me even in a business with so little investment how bad some people question it, I mean none of us go to Mcdonalds and are like hey, you mean to tell me that burger cost 4.95, wow I better not buy that, its going to hurt the budget this week, no we shell it out like it means nothing. That burger isnt giving us anything back, except heartburn, extra calories and a expense that is not even necessary, but we still do not even question it.

An expense is something that takes away
A investment is something that gives back

So why do we question business investments so little as $5 bucks a month, because we are not getting a burger back, something tangible immediately, we were not taught to invest in our financial well being first, we were taught how to create expenses for an instant lifestyle? I know I was, but I ventured off into business when I was very young and got one of the best educations I could have ever earned and it wasnt through any college. It was by starting a small business and learning that investments were necessary to expand and grow any business. So I stopped asking the question “How much is this going to cost me” and started asking myself………”What areas of my business should I invest in to make it grow stronger, faster and save me the most amount of work” I learned to think like a business owner………..I had to invest in my business if I wanted it to grow. Learning to invest in your business you realize most of the time the results are not instant its about delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification (learning that your efforts and investment will pay you back later on not today) Here is a post where I talked about this in more depth

So how do we make are internet businesses grow stronger, faster and save us time getting us to where we want to be? By investing our money in marketing or products that will leverage our time and increase our efforts and profits (remember there is only one of you) click, click, click. Buying a thousand credits, or upgrading in a traffic exchange versus clicking for them? Which takes longer, hence what one will give you results faster? Which will save you time? Now how do you multiply your efforts even more, by doing both! See now it is not just dependent on your effort, your money is working for you, so you can earn more $ faster and with less effort because your money is doing part of the work, now you will see profits and growth faster, You have multiplied your self! I hate to see people struggle with anything, but most of the time we ourselves make things harder than they really are. I was fortunate through past experience to have the right mental attitude when I started with the OBA and TEP, I was getting subscribers to my lists and sales pretty much from day one, one of the things I did different than most of the people I see struggling, was invest in my business right from the get go. Not only did I upgrade in programs that would make it grow faster, I matched my investments with my effort……….I wanted my business to grow fast. I mean come on…. $9.95 a month for an upgrade in a traffic exchange, man I spent more money on pop in a week before………you want to make a lot of money right?  (I dont drink pop anymore its bad for you) I have never understood how people come online and think that they are going to make thousands and thousands of dollars a month and not have to invest any money??*%#??

“If you believe in something, its not hard to act on a little faith”

Now one of the real beauties of this business……….the ingenious of it all, is it really can work almost completely on autopilot……..the income becomes passive………you will start to understand this, the more you learn and as your business starts to grow a little on its own. You can pretty much run this business on investment alone, your money will do 95% of the work and grow MONTH AFTER MONTH. Infact people who come into this business with the right attitude and there finances in order could pretty much set it up and almost walk away, and it would grow! (they would have to do a few administrative duties, send a few emails once in a while, you know the hard stuff)
Once you really, truly understand this incredible system that Dave Gray and Scott Douglas have put together, it will blow you away of how simple it really is and investing in your business will be something you are eager to do!!

Hear is another question I ask my self all the time when it comes to making investment decisions, this question I ask myself is why I joined this business when it was emailed to me. This business fit the bill, I could see that anyone could eventually make it work even on a shoe string budget.

“How Do I make the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the least amount of effort with the least amount of investment?”

I really want to help people understand , when opportunity presents itself take advantage of it, nothing is guaranteed in life, but you will never gain anything if you dont try.Dont let fear stop you from pursuing the life you have always wanted. Realize Success (Life) is not a destination but the journey itself, you will learn you will grow you will cry but in the end you will be a better person for it and will have helped others a long the way….

To Your Success And Happiness
Richard Weberg

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