Welcome to my new and improved blogging platform!!

Friends, I finally bit the bullet after several years now, and finally updated my entire blog…So I really hope you like the new look and feel. Everything is better with this new version, and only wish I had done it sooner!

On my last theme, I always hated the comment forms and how my theme handled them, now with this one it is crystal clear and smooth commenting. I even added a email notification so everyone can subscribe to get my latest blog post automatically delivered, should have had this function years ago.

But when your busy marketing away and working on all kinds of projects at the same time, you put off some things are even forget about them..

Two of the other key updates was having a theme that was very easily altered and completely responsive (mobile ready), now I can share photos with my readers and post on the fly! With my travel schedule this year, this will come in very handy.

Well that’s all for now, please leave me a comment and let me know how you like the new look and feel!!

Happy Marketing
Richard Weberg


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12 thoughts on “Welcome to my new and improved blogging platform!!

    • Thanks son, I am extremely happy with my new look and functions of my blog. And am looking forward to the relaunch of your guys site as well, Nick is doing a great job with the make over so far!

    • Hey Bo, and thank you very much as always for your feedback I appreciate it very much!! The old commenting system I had was a mess and was time for it to go, and I wanted a very clean new spacious look to the new theme. So now I am very happy with the new look and feel.

      Thanks again my friend..

      Richard Weberg

  1. Wow Richard… I LOVE IT!!!!
    What a GREAT LOOKING BLOG, I Especially like you slide show, wish I could have been there…
    Blessings to you and your my brother.
    –Mario Salerno

    • Thanks Mario, really appreciate it very much brother!!

      We will go together to Mexico or some where nice, fun and sunny together sometime soon Mario!

      You have a blessed day as well!

      Richard Weberg

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